17th Jul 2011, 05:51

Hi... original poster again.

This car has bad body roll, mainly because the car moves faster than it feels, slowing down to 30Km's/hr to turn a corner feels like a chore, feels like you really have to slow down almost to a stop. It is the base model...

The Sportivo and other, more expensive variants of the A-TX I've heard, do not have this problem.

7th Jun 2012, 16:10

G'day. That flat/dead spot you refer to just above idle is probably due to the electronic throttle control. I recently rented a Hyundai Elantra, and had the same problem making smooth take offs from stand still. I've also driven a Mitsu 380, and the same thing happens. My 2001 Magna on the other hand (which has a cable throttle control), reacts instantly and is smooth as soon as you touch the gas pedal. Not sure why they thought electronic control was a good idea.

19th Feb 2019, 13:52

Hello... original poster here yet again... a fair few years after posting the above review.

After nigh on 8 years of ownership, I am currently in the midst of selling my beloved Toyota Aurion. And not without a bit of sadness I must say. The odometer currently has +185000 km on it. Yet, it drives as smoothly as it ever did - testament to the superior Lexus engineering of the engine and transmission (so superb). And of course, my religious service and maintenance of the vehicle.

Seems the steering wheel bushes are the first to really start degrading. I've had maybe one or two new batteries put in. Never had a problem with the alternator in any way. Nor the gearbox, though it's had this slight bit of a problem with shifting (when it's cold) since I purchased it, but it has never exacerbated in the 8 years I've driven it in any way.

Slight leaks with the brake fluid and steering fluid reservoirs. Which were never really a problem enough for me to bother with rectifying. In fact the leaks seem to have stopped somehow...

My Aurion has always been a bit of a hard starter - that is you have to turn the key a bit longer than usual in start position to make the car actually start. Even after an expensive service, I've had this vehicle remain difficult to start on first easy pop (I usually have to turn the key twice - in which it will start immediately on the 2nd pop). I've been told that it's a fuel line issue and not the easiest (i.e. cheapest) fix...

I have put brighter led lights in the cabin and boot areas. I recommend this.

Put in a double DIN stereo that has Bluetooth connectivity (mainly for answering your mobile - so you don't have to touch the damn thing whilst driving) - this I highly recommend also... it's essential for people who use mobiles and drive a lot.