1995 Toyota Avalon XL 3.0 litre V6 from North America


Big pimpin!


When I first bought it, I had to replace an 02 sensor, speed sensor, for about $200.

I preemptively had a minor tune up: oil change, timing belt, serpentine belt, sparks, tranny flush, complete inspection, brake light (WTF) and some other things I can't exactly remember: $400.

Then about 2 months later the driver's side window motor for $300 WOW.

That's it. Started making a strange, VERY QUIET, grinding noise at low rpm's. Nothing else.

I owned it for about 7 months. Bought it for $1600, so I guess I spent another $900.

Leather was a bit ripped.

General Comments:

This car was pimpin. Large interior space, huge back seats, huge trunk, and not so bad on gasoline!

Got me everywhere I needed to go, with a not so bad stereo! SUPER RELIABLE.

With this car I met the girl of my dreams, she is rich and beautiful, and somehow saw past my ugly car straight to me.

I got rid of it because the paint on the hood and trunk were oxidized, and the leather was hard and thus uncomfortable. WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE. I bought a 1990 BMW 535i in replacement of this car; within a week of ownership, it has completely broken down.

I'm begging family and friends for help to get rid of this heap and get myself back into another Avalon!

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Review Date: 12th August, 2011

1995 Toyota Avalon XLS 6 cylinder from North America


Best car ever


Sludge in oil pan 6 years ago, caused blown gasket.

Leather seats deteriorated.

Antennae motor quit last year.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle. I am the original owner and the car was in the shop for major repair ($2000) one time, about 6 years ago. Keep oil changes and regular maintenance up, and it will run like a Swiss watch.

The car rode smooth when it was new, but it's a little stiffer. Still an above average ride.

No fading or chipping paint, duller shine (possibly due to hard water).

Carport kept for first 7 years, on Texas Gulf coast.

Leather seats wore a hole in side in drivers seat. Had leather seats replaced after first year. Leather was luxuriously soft (felt like chamois), but would not hold to wear. Toyota replaced with a more durable leather, a good compromise of softness and wear tolerance.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2009

1995 Toyota Avalon LX 3.0 from North America


Dependable and cheap to maintain


Valve cover gasket leaks continually.

Battery terminals and tray need re-adjustment and regular cleaning.

Cruise control failed.

CV joint failed @ $240.


Leather front seats deteriorated ($240 replacement for a universal from Toyota).

Bench seat is below average comfort and quality.

CD unit in trunk does not work and radio button half work.

Ignition accepts key in one position only.

Moon-roof motor works sometimes.

Rear door and tail light retains water.

Takes 3-4 drain and fills to fully flush transmission.

Do not skimp on maintenance.

A/C is cold.

Engine always starts and the trans shifts well, giving me 29 mpg highway.

Used parts are hard to find.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2009

1995 Toyota Avalon XL from North America


The best I've ever owned.


Nothing so far. Except for general maintenance. No unusual stuff like bearings, leaks, other parts failing.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Even when driving hard in hot weather, it's never let me down. All systems are working; air conditioning, etc.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2007

1995 Toyota Avalon XL 3.0 DOHC V6 from North America


A reliable, powerful and efficient family car


One Oxygen sensor at 185,000 MI.

Front + Rear brake pads at 150,000 MI.

Rear rotors at 192,000 MI.

Power antenna at 165,000 MI.

General Comments:

Other than belts and fluids and the things mentioned above this car is all original.

The handling is softer than some, but stiff enough to make some hard maneuvers.

It will handily shift out of second at 80+ if desired. The electronic transmission does an excellent job determining how you want it to act.

The transmission also ran for 40,000 MI with a clogged filter and suffered no damage... it is rock solid.

It gets an observed 23 MPG city and 30.5 highway.

This one came with bench seats. The bucket seats will hold you better.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005