1998 Toyota Avalon XLS from North America


Best car ever!


Let me think...

Starter - replaced the copper connections and plunger ($10).

Struts - replaced at 140k.

EGR valve - cleaned and didn't cause any problems at all.

Oxygen sensors.

EVAP solenoid.

General Comments:

Best car I have ever owned. I have towed a heavy motorcycle and an 18ft boat with my car. Driven cross country and I have put it through lots of abuse and this baby is still running strong.

If you own one, make sure to do your oil change on time because this is a sludge prone engine. If you maintain this car, it will run forever. Every time I drive this car, I forget that it is a more than 15 year old car. In fact it runs better than my new car.

I've still got the original alternator, starter, CV joints (including boots), water pump, timing belt, coolant hoses, all suspension parts (except struts)... this was unheard of before I owned this car.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2016

1998 Toyota Avalon 3.0 from North America


One tough car with 500,000 mile capability


Bought this car as a repossessed vehicle. No problems since purchased one year ago.

General Comments:

I purchased this car from a finance company as a repossessed vehicle. Mileage and running condition were unknown at time of purchase, but for the purchase price of 300.00 (yes, three hundred dollars) how could I go wrong. Installed a new battery, had a key made for 7.00, and I had a running car. I was disappointed to see the mileage was 293,000 miles, and figured I would just end up sending the car to the scrap yard to recoup my investment.

I have been driving this Avalon for about a year, and the only maintenance that has been done is spark plugs with new wires. The car is completely worn out as far as the interior. The struts and springs need replacing, and the front struts rattle. The steering is somewhat loose. The valve covers need new gaskets.

I have been reluctant to invest much money into making the much need cosmetic and suspension repairs. I just figured that with an unknown history, something will break and it will end up scrapped anyway.

On the bright side - this car runs so quietly that it is often hard to tell if it is running. The transmission shifts smoothly every time. The car has plenty of power to cruise at highway speed, and enough left over to pass or get out of the way.

Every power option that the car is equipped with operates as it should. The stereo with the factory bass speaker rocks. The air conditioning will cause icicles to hang from the rear view mirror. The heat will cause the steering wheel to burn your hands. The power mirrors adjust with the flip of a switch. The power seats adjust and wrap you like your favorite worn recliner. The brakes stop the car on a dime. This car was definitely built on a Wednesday!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2012

1998 Toyota Avalon XLS V6 3.0 from North America


Good family car


Valve cover gasket at 106000 miles.

General Comments:

Most impressive thing about the car is the reliability. Never had a time with it not starting.

Front and side air bags make you feel safe.

Economy is pretty good, 23-30 MPG.

Handle feeling is a bit too soft, not sporty. Maybe it is just how it's designed.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2009

1998 Toyota Avalon XLS V6 from North America


Extremely roomy, smooth riding, quiet and comfortable car


Air conditioning amplifier causes climate control system to crash. No hot, cold or blower. Very unsafe in freezing conditions.

Bad strut mounts cause shocks to rattle over bumps.

Trac control faulty. Light on dash always on. You can reset the computer by unhooking the battery and it will work properly for a while.

Passenger side electric lock non functional.

Dash vent louvers broken.

Passenger side electric seat controls broken.

Starter contacts bad at 80000. Clicking noise. Easy DIY project. Fixed it myself in about an hour.

Glove box light won't work even with a new bulb. Dome lights burn out quickly.

Radio menu control button split and fell off. Fixed with super glue.

Electric key fob control sensitive to voltage. Make sure to keep fresh battery or trunk won't open.

General Comments:

Gigantic back seat. The Crown Vic/Mercury back seat is like a Camaro by comparison. Very suitable for the person who is ample of body. Arm rests are beyond a slim persons reach.

A large comfortable smooth riding car. Powerful engine and smooth shifting transmission.

Never owned a car with so many little things wrong with it. The original owner was very negligent about routine maintenance and attending to things that needed repair. Though with a Toyota, nothing should have needed repair.

Some of the things on my list of things gone wrong most likely were the result of abuse.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2009