1998 Toyota Avalon XL 3.0 6 cylinder from North America


A near-luxury car at a very friendly price


One minor part of the passenger power seat broke. (6-way now, previously 8-way)

Buttons on audio system damaged from use.

General Comments:

The Avalon is a very powerful car at 200 horsepower and gives the smoothest ride I've ever had.

The seats are extremely comfortable, even though they are cloth.

There is more than enough room for four adults and it is a great car for a family of five.

All of the instruments are placed in what seems like the perfect places and the driver doesn't have to make a long stretch to adjust the audio system or climate controls.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2002

1998 Toyota Avalon XLS 6 cyl from North America


I would never buy another Toyota again!


My Avalon began to emit large plumes of white smoke at cold startup.

General Comments:

Even after providing proof of the required oil changes, the dealer and Toyota rep claims improper maintenance causing sludge in the engine. This claim was made without even removing the valve covers or oil pan! Toyota refuses to honor their warranty, even after providing records of all oil changes, which were performed every 3,000 miles. The Toyota manual recommends changing the oil every 5,000-7,500 miles!? Many others complain of the same problem with their Toyota Avalon and Toyota Sienna.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2000

21st Dec 2000, 16:44

Had the same experience, there are sites all over the Internet reporting the same exact problem and Toyota's not taking responsiblility, and is blaming the owners for "improper maintenance". Toyota has a car heading for a class action lawsuit.

12th Jan 2001, 22:06

Hmmmm... mine is doing this as well. This is the first problem I have ever had with it!

1998 Toyota Avalon XL 6 cyl from North America


Not great value


The muffler was replaced at 100 miles to eliminate an annoying hum when accelerating up a hill. The tires needed to be replaced at 14,000 miles. The dealer said that I should be happy that they were wearing evenly. Our next visit is to replace the bushings with a new design. This was not a recall, however since the car is still under warranty they will replace them for free. The sound is more definite on roads that are washboard like. We also have an engine light that will not turn off.

General Comments:

We are very disappointed with the car. For the price we paid we expected a better quality vehicle. The tires have left a nasty taste in our mouth. The dealer told us that 15000 miles is normal and we were right on schedule for replacing them.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2000

4th May 2001, 14:02

I have a 1997 Avalon XLS purchased new in June of '97. During the 12 month warranty period, car developed clanking sound in the front brake calipers which were re-shimmed by the dealer at no charge under the warranty. Since that time, the clanking has returned and the dealer tells me that this condition is now "out-of-warranty" and correcting this condition will be at my expense. Has anyone out there heard of this condition or is it peculiar to my car alone? Has anyone heard of a "silent recall" for this problem?