7th Feb 2003, 09:57

Based on this comment "Toyota admitted they had a problem with this unit and in 1999 a service bulletin was issued, but not to replace them," it certainly sounds like this problem must have been fairly prevalent. I doubt a service bulletin would be issued on a problem as rare as you are suggesting. I think the experience at one Toyota dealership does not represent experiences across the board. Especially a climate control system, which may have to work harder in certain portions of the country.

24th Aug 2003, 19:30

My new 2003 Avalon is superb except for the climate control system. Even in Dual mode, which ties together both sides, it cannot seem to settle down. It seems always to blow hot air which raises the temperature level too much, or to blow cold air, which does the opposite. I would like it to find the desired level and to be reasonably neutral from then on. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty?

9th Feb 2005, 13:32

I had the climate control go out of my 1998 Toyota Avalon. I checked with the Toyota dealer and it ended up costing me $800 to replace the system. The dealer said there was a service warning also, but that they didn't offer to fix it. Obviously many people had that problem. I bought this car because they told me this car was very reliable. When I called Toyota, they told me that they couldn't reimburse me as they did send out a warning about the climate control. I had no alternative, but to fix it as I live in Minnesota and with fogged or frozen up windows, it could have been a traffic hazard. Thanks Toyota for pushing the cost on the innocent buyer of your product.

31st Dec 2005, 23:44

Yep, this is a great car! It has 140,000 miles, and the engine and transmission are factory and still running smooth. We did our first tranny flush at 139,000 miles. We changed out the factory spark plugs at 135,000 miles! The factory plugs were still good too! The coolant is still original, and there is no coolant loss of coolant! It does not eat/leak engine oil either. Everything else in the car works wonderfully!

The only expensive repair was the rack&pinion at 85,000 miles, which would have cost us $1,000. But luckily we purchased a 100,000 mile warranty, costing us only $100.

Other than that, starter, alternator, L/R cvboots, timing belt, and both valve cover gaskets were changed between 80,000-138,000 miles. The 3 rear spark plugs and rear valve cover gasket was a b*tch to change.

Awesome car... and well built!!!

BTW, we swear by Toyotas, we have 5 of'em parked in our driveway.

20th Sep 2006, 07:42

I have a 1998 Toyota Avalon XLS since new. I have 446,000 miles with just minor repair costs. My fan on the climate control had to be replaced. I replaced the starter with a $35.00 salvage yard starter. Changed battery once. Original alternator. Original muffler. Struts changed once, probably should have them done again. Regular oil changes with Mobil 1. Original transmission. First Toyota and I am sold on Toyota. Change the oil and they run forever.