9th Mar 2006, 18:52

Same problems... strut mounts are bad on two 1998 Camry's; very disappointed with Toyota for their total lack of support with this problem. I think this very bad PR and I will buy a Honda next time.

10th Mar 2006, 19:50

I also own a 1997 Camry and I not only have the rattle in the front, but it actually sound a lot worse in the rear (almost like I'm riding in a horse and buggy). I have had the car for 5 years now and it has always done it. I've had the struts looked at several times over the last few years, but the mechanics always say they're fine. Finally, I talked with a mechanic this week and he said he suspects it's the mounts and possibly the sway bar plates?? I know next to nothing about struts so I took his word for it. The entire job should cost me between $500-$600 to have fixed. There goes my tax return. I'm not at all impressed with the quality of the Camry's since the major re-design that took place in 1997.


15th Mar 2006, 09:19

1999 TOYOTA CAMRY LE -- I purchased this car new in December 1998. A rattling noise appeared by 17,000 miles. That was when I took the car to the Toyota dealer to have the CD player replaced under warranty. While there I had them check for the source of the rattle. It was mainly noticeable at low speeds, over bumps and when the car was cold. The dealer said “something was probably loose inside the dash” and since they couldn’t very well disassemble the whole thing, it was nothing to worry about and would work its way out over time. To quote a previous complainant – shame on Toyota! When I changed to a private mechanic, I had him check and he also could not find the source. He thought it was unlikely that the struts could be the cause because at that point there were only 31,000 miles on the car. Finally, at 70,000 miles the problem progressed to the point where the car rattled constantly, low speeds, high speeds, highway, parking lot, cold or hot. Passengers would comment on it and when I took my car in for other work recently, the mechanic diagnosed the struts and mounts right away. He did say they were not leaking and if I could live with the noise, then OK. But I am having them replaced in the hope that, after over 7 years, I will have a quiet ride. It does irk me though to think I could have (and should have) had this done under warranty years ago.

13th Apr 2006, 14:16

ME TOO - 1998 Avalon XL sounds like the front end is flapping in the breeze when I go over bumps - also car has pulled to the left since we bought it new, service in Ohio said that there was nothing wrong.

26th Apr 2006, 09:39

I bought 96 Avalon used at 75000 miles. I have since replaced brakes, fron axles, tires. I just replaced four struts with KYB brands. My problem is at the rear. I hear this rattle/thud when going over slightest bump. But the sound is on and off. Some times it is OK, but other times, it is very annoying. One mechanic says the rear strut mounts. I am taking it to Firestone today and will see what they report.

Otherwise, the car is great!

19th Oct 2006, 21:25

Just a note on the rattle. I just purchased a 1998 Camry CE and after a while noticed that annoying rattle in the front-end. Even the slightest bumps would case the noise. I did some looking on-line and one person recommended tightening the nuts on the front strut mounts (the center nut). This is very easy to do if you have a 19mm deep socket and fairly large wrench. Just pop the hood and you'll see the mounts on either side. If they move around when you bounce the front of the car, then try tightening them a bit. I just did it and it appears to have completely fixed the rattle on the front end. No telling how long the fix will last, though. It's possible the problem is the nuts coming loose over time and so allowing the mount to rattle.

29th Oct 2006, 00:56

I have a 1999 Toyota Avalon. I first started hearing noise from the front passenger-side way back when the car was still under warranty. The dealer replaced just the front passenger-side strut mount. Little did I now at the time that this problem was common in Toyota Avalons. Now, at 70,000 mile, I am getting that same noise from the front driver- side and both rear sides. I am almost sure it’s the strut mounts. I have to say that I am disappointed in Toyota for not replacing all of the mounts when I first had the problem in 2003. At the time they knew this problem was inherent in the vehicle. I’d like to try changing these mounts myself. Is it possible for some one with a moderate amount of mechanical now-how to do? Or is it necessary to bring it to the dealer?

28th Nov 2006, 17:54

Man, you'd think after all these complaints, one of us (I too am a rattler) would have a solid fix. Seems like nothing helps.

10th Dec 2006, 03:21

Yesterday I had all 4 struts changed in my 99 4 cylinder Camry and the noise is still there, even a little louder now. I have no idea what the next step is other than taking it back to the mechanic. Any new solutions out there???

13th Dec 2006, 13:08

I just purchased a 98 Avalon used. It has the same rattling at the front passenger side. The dealer is telling me is the Front motor and Dog mount causing it. Whatever that means. Thanks to the forum I am leaving now to pick up my car and live with the noise. That has saved me almost $500.

Thank you all for sharing.


19th Dec 2006, 21:37

Had front struts replaced January 06, mechanic is ready to put in 4th set on Friday (thanks to warranty and the shop manager being dedicated.) One issue with the replacement was the Monroe struts were defective and had to be redesigned (I got 2 defective sets where the joint at the top failed). The last set (installed a couple of months ago) was one of the redesigned series, but still rattles. I'm going to ask him to check the seam sealer as earlier posts suggest before putting in yet another set of front struts. But, the shop has spent hours trying to diagnose the problem and I trust that each time before they put in a new set they are exhausting all other options. I also had the dealer look at it and they found NOTHING wrong but the struts. So, hopefully the end of my problem is near.

26th Dec 2006, 16:09

My 98 Camry has the same problem. Front end rattles, shakes and squeaks. Rear axle is also noisy.

I have previously owned 3 Toy pickups and was very happy with them. But this Camry is my last Toyota for sure.

10th Jan 2007, 22:30

I had an awful "rattling noise" coming from my 97 Camry LE. It sounded like a loud, scraping metal sound coming from the passenger side door/tire area every time I'd hit a rough road or a bump, which was often.

Anyway, my mechanic unscrewed part of the tire well, (the panel facing the rear of the front tires is the best I can explain it) and found an interior panel was unhooked and had fallen. Once he hooked it back on the car was quiet for about 3 months, but the noise is back. So again, I have to have him look at it.

I loved my older toyota corolla, but I'm all set with camry's, the noises are killing me. Hope this may help...