10th Jun 2003, 06:58

Actually, the original post lack credibility.

1. The fact that the tires needed to be replaced and that two flats had to be fixed does not make Toyota a bad auto manufacturer. Toyota is not responsible for nails on the road and for the rotation and balancing of your tires, but you and your driving habits.

2. The fact that the dashboard rattles and the probability that it is linked to the "rack" and the "upper strut plates." Well, the rack has nothing to do with the transferring of shock contact! The upper struct mounts (aka bearing plates might have), but highly unlikely that it was that pronounced that you still drove the vehicle. With all due respect, I have been in the automotive for over 20 years and have worked in Africa, Europe, Asia and the U.S.A., I must say the worst drivers and by far the most careless are found here, at home! Lack of proper service, coupled with lack of avoiding bumps, or driving over them at a higher rate of speed and the assumption taht "it is not my problem, but somebody else," is the primary problem and not that of Toyota."

And oh, I don't work for Toyota or have any vital interest in Toyota Motors. I am just stating the facts, as I see fit!

23rd Jun 2003, 08:30

There is a person or people who stalk owners complaining about their Toyota's all over the Internet (corporate plants?). This is the first I have seen it here. The company line is "It is never Toyota's fault if a vehicle fails, it is always the owner's fault."

2nd Sep 2003, 09:47

I am having the same problem as mentioned in the letter, well just the upper struts. But, things happen and we just have to fix them. My Avalon runs great and I prefer nothing, but MY TOYOTA.

11th Nov 2003, 06:58

The original post seems credible to me. All cars are not perfect, and some are just downright sour lemons. Do a search of Toyotas on the web and you will find mention of many problems, from brakes, to transmission, to tires, to engine. For a real eye-opener, do a google.com search with the key words "Toyota engine sludge". I don't think that all these cars are bad, there are lemon Toyotas just like every other make available. The problem with Toyota seems to be that the company is too arrogant to admit they make mistakes, and insult and offend customers in doing so.

18th Dec 2003, 16:03

I recently purchased a used 97 Avalon. It had 60,000 miles at the time. 3 months and 2500 miles later, the power steering pump and rack pinion have to be replaced. I did not expect this of my 4th Toyota.

My only other negative comment is that the car seat is not the best design for someone with a bad lower back.

Otherwise the car drives like a dream.

27th Dec 2003, 23:52

I have a 1997 Avalon XLS that I purchased in July of 97 with 5000 miles. It was a demo or a salesman's loaner. Anyway, at about 25,000 miles we started to hear a loud thumping noise in the left front of the car when you would hit just the right bump or hole in the road, and especially in cooler weather, lets say below 50 degrees F. I took it in to a Toyota dealer, but they never heard the noise, I guess we didn't hit the right bump. The noise continued and I took the car to another Toyota dealer and the mechanic finally heard the noise and they agreed to replace the strut under warranty. Then we started to hear the noise on the other side and they replaced that strut. The noise seemed to subside. This year, with about 95,000 miles I replace the struts again due to the same noise, but as the weather gets cooler, we are hearing the noise again. It may be the upper strut mounts, this is the first I hear of them possibly needing changing when the struts are changed. My mechanic did not say a word about this when I had the struts changed this year.

16th Dec 2004, 15:02

In response to the first comment, it is the height of arrogance for a Japanese car company to sell cars that have problems, and then, if then if the problematic cars happen to be assembled in America, go blaming American workers for their own faulty engineering. I have seen that line several times now. Nissan is doing it now as well. I will give the Japanese car companies credit, and acknowledge that they have put out some good cars, even causing our own auto industry to do some once needed soul searching. I personally think that the playing field has largely leveled out now, with some bad apples from all camps obviously. I do know for sure though, that a car is not infallible just because it is made in Japan. I know people who have had nightmares with Toyota's, as well as Isuzu's and Subaru's. I personally refuse to buy a car from a company (Toyota or Nissan) who produce cars with defective designs, and then try to insult the very country they are trying to sell those cars to by saying it is their fault because the car was assembled there.

5th Aug 2005, 02:00

It truly amazes me that foreign car owners will overlook all the flaws with their cars, but will rip American cars for the same or lesser faults. What is with this aura fabrication that they keep trying to create. Maybe Honda should market a Honda or Acura Aura or Toyota Aura with glowing lights all around it to blind everyone to its' faults...

5th Sep 2006, 08:58

Just wanted to add an additional comment. American car manufacturers are just as guilty. Does anyone remember all the problems with the 2000 Ford Focus? Ford blamed all the quality problems on the workers in Mexico that assembled these cars, when some of the issues were clearly design errors.

It is absolutely wrong. But we really can't get upset with Toyota for blaming Americans for their quality problems, when American manufacturers are just as guilty.

31st Oct 2006, 20:59

Yes, Toyotas have front strut & mount problem causing rattles like horse tapping when goes over small uneven surfaces & gives hyperactive rattle like driving old old car- my area mechanics say this is an issue with toyota Avalon & Camry after >50000 miles. It costs >$1000+ and seems most avalon owners that I met with had to replace them sometimes twice.

12th Jun 2008, 19:20

I bought my 97 Avalon new. 11 years later it has 85000 miles on it. I do all the required maintenance and oil changes and have never had a single problem with the car. It blows away any other domestic car I have ever owned. I won't get a new car until I start having problems with this one which I have now been saying for 4 years. So I guess I take issue with those people that say that there are all kinds of design problems. If that were so I have to believe that I would have experienced at least one of them. More likely installation and materials problems are more of a possibility.

18th Jun 2009, 20:38

I must agree with the last comment here; having put 183k on my Avalon without a single breakdown. Yes, I recall the occasional front strut noise, but it never caused a problem with tire wear or ride comfort. I ran Mobil 1 and only changed it every 10k because it always drained out looking new and I never had to add a drop between changes... car ran like new when I sold in 2004; and I'm now looking at a used Avalon for my daughter's first car; can't give higher praise than that!