22nd Nov 2004, 09:45

I read your original comment, and am wondering how things worked out. I have been driving Toyotas for 20 years and have a unique problem. I have a 2002 Camry, which needed a new clutch at 18000 miles (totally gone, the car was undriveable). This all happened within 100 miles of having a dealer look at the car.

Well I now have 40000 miles, and the clutch is totally gone again. The song and dance I get is that clutches are always driver error, and are not covered under warranty. Well this driver has been driving clutches for 20 years, and has never blown one out before 100000 miles, so there must be something going on here.

Just curious if you resolved anything, and if anyone knows of some systemic problem with the 2002 clutch/transmissions in Camrys or other Toyotas?


4th Jan 2005, 02:19

Hey I am sorry to hear about your problem with Toyota. I own a Toyota and never had a problem with it. I know for sure that any car built on the night shift or afternoon are built crappy, also if an employee is having a bad day they usually make a bad product. Cars that are built in Canada and California Florida are of the highest standard in North America. California is rated number 1 for the highest quality follow by Canada. Hopes this help.

8th Feb 2005, 13:28

I'm sorry for the problems you're experiencing, but the 4th paragraph tells it all: YOUR FIRST OIL CHANGE AT 7000 MILES! I don't care if the Bible states that you can go 7000 miles between oil changes, you never go that long in between oil changes with an all aluminum block engine and especially for the 1st 1000-mile break-in period. Aluminum block engines produce extreme heat which breaks down oil at a faster pace compared to the old iron block engines, so changing oil every 3000 miles on your Avalon just makes more sense if you wished to keep your Toyota running for a long time. As far as your transmission problems, WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR CAR TO AAMCO FOR TRANSMISSION WORK? The first words that always come out of Aamco's mouth is "REBUILT TRANSMISSION TIME," and it doesn't matter if your car is brand new or 10 years old. Your Toyota Avalon may shift hard like mine, but at least it will never slip like your Mercury Grand Marquis after 100-150K miles. I hope you take better care of your Grand Marquis because a Ford product definitely will need the extra care!

1st Nov 2005, 20:53

I never thought I would buy a foreign car, but a friend of mine had to sell her Avalon and my wife wanted it. I bought in '97 it is a '96 it had 16000 miles on it and now it has 185000 miles and I love it, in fact I will probably buy a new one for her this year. As for breakdowns there are none if you maintain it. I change my oil every 5000 miles like I always and I have had no problems at all with it and I still get 28-30 miles per gallon. All I can say is I don't regret buying it at all. By the way I use Castrol 20-50 oil in it.