19th Apr 2007, 18:21

I have owned a 1998 Avalon since March of 1998. No problems except the air conditioning leaking a couple years ago. The car is just shy of 203,000 miles and there are still no problems to report. It's always been serviced by our Toyota Dealer and it's been a great car!

20th Apr 2007, 22:40

1996 Avalon here: 260,000 miles runs well. 1998 Avalon 130,000 miles... ran well until smashed up in a big crash... protected its occupants and that is all that matters.

21st Mar 2008, 00:52

I have a 1999 Toyota Avalon with 172,000 miles. The car has been perfect. I bought it on January 5, 2005 with 78000 miles. All I have had to do is replace brakes, tires, shocks, oil, filters and timing belt at 115,000 miles. I love this car. Someday, (sniff, sniff) I will have to replace it but I do not find any of the newer Avalons appealing.

12th May 2010, 11:21

I own a 2007 Toyota Avalon with almost 60,000 thousand miles on it, and have had it serviced at the local Toyota Dealer since I purchased it.

At approximately 30,000 miles the vehicle developed a piston slap that has been getting continually worse. The dealer admits that the piston slap is there and that it does exist, but at the same time insists that this is common and "NORMAL", and so will not address the problem. I will not purchase another Toyota, and tell everyone that asks not to purchase one of their cars.

26th Sep 2010, 11:58

I'm so sorry for all of you that have had such problems with your Avalons. Some of the other comments above reflect our outstanding experience.

I've owned Toyotas for 20 years with good experience. '77 Celica was put down at 250K. It was a great car. Put almost 200K on that one. Still have an '86 XCab Truck with 308K (bought in '92 with 60K) - still use it as ranch / spare vehicle. Our Avalon was purchased with 70K in '05 - it has over 150K on it. Other than routine maintenance, it has been a great car. Solid, luxurious, runs and drives great - I've felt that it's been one of the better values on the road.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy another, just may be more discrete after reading your comments.