Avensis 2.0 litre


67 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

Avensis D4D turbo diesel

A jewel on four wheels

128 words, Spain

Avensis Sol 1.8

Trash!!! Huge trash!!! With a LABEL :)

282 words, F.Y.R.O. Macedonia, 2 comments


A good car, but uncharacteristically for Toyota, it has a number of defects

64 words, UK and Ireland

Avensis T Spirit 2.4 petrol

Not brilliant value for money and not rock-solid reliable

94 words, UK and Ireland

Avensis T3-S 1.8 petrol

Great engineering but poor implementation

479 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Avensis D4-D T4 5-dr 2.0 D4-D diesel

Toyota's as they should be-brilliant

297 words, UK and Ireland

Avensis Aura 1.6

Finally a germanic car feel

287 words, UK and Ireland