2011 Toyota Avensis TR 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Brilliant modern car


Not much other than general wear and tear, oil changes and couple of suspension parts and brake pads replaced at last service.

General Comments:

Hard to fault, good to drive for a 1.8, it goes quick enough, a mate of mine has an automatic version and says the performance is still OK. This manual version is good to drive and feels adequate with around 140 horse power. At first I though a 1.8 in a car this size would be weak, but those days are gone where you would avoid the smaller engine cars; most manufacturer's smaller engines have enough power now to be respectable performance wise.

Economy averages over 40 MPG on a long drive which is acceptable. Interior has nice quality feel and road noise is suppressed enough, quiet and smooth. Very spacious with enough equipment, most things are electric, and laid out logically enough. Have to say I hate the electronic handbrake though - what was ever wrong with a lever? Did it really take up that much interior space? No! And the centre console on most cars is sorted now in much the same way regardless of the parking brake - cup holders and an arm rest.

So all in all a decent modern car that's hard to fault, and I think much more stylish looking and exciting than its predecessor. I had an older Toyota Avensis and a Toyota Carina back in the 90s previous to this car, and they ran up very high mileages without any major trouble - hope this one proves to be the same, so far so good though, I am impressed and I would recommend this car to anyone.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2016

13th Dec 2016, 09:47

These are good cars, I have noticed a lot of them being used as taxis, which is a good sign they are known for reliability. Same as any car really - look after them and they will look after you - do the timing belt (if applicable) and change the oil on time and you should be OK for high mileage.

20th Sep 2017, 15:28

Did you ever have a problem with a rattling noise coming from the brake? Mine rattles going over a rough road or bumps, but it stops once I touch the brakes.

20th Sep 2017, 20:04

Can't say that I have, but I've heard that can be a common problem on cars fitted with cheaper aftermarket brake pads. There is an supposed to be an anti-rattle clip/shim/backing plate, that believe it or not do not always come with new pads. I'd get it checked out at a good independent garage mate, to be sure and safe.

21st Sep 2017, 10:50

On disc brakes, use the paste behind the pad.