2008 Toyota AYGO Platinum 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A car I always look forward to jumping in and driving any distance; I really like it


During the 25000 miles that I've covered in my Aygo to date, nothing has gone wrong, fallen off or needed replacement. A couple of oil and filter changes as per the service schedule; that is it.

It has leaked water into the spare wheel well since I've had it, despite the main dealer replacing all seals; it's a known issue. I made a hole in a bung in the bottom of the well so that any leaks drain out, and don't worry about it since the water is contained in the one area and the carpets etc remain dry.

General Comments:

I drive 100 miles a day in my Aygo and am surprised by other reviewers here saying they are slow; I'm more than happy with the performance of mine.

I've had 100s of different cars from BMW 7 Series, Mercedes, most of the Japanese brands, and always research my next purchase well. The Aygo does exactly what I expected of it and is near the top of the list of my favourites.

It always feels light and nimble, has no problem being first from the lights when I choose, and cruises happily up long hills on motorways at 70mph without changing out of 5th gear. It also feels very stable on the motorway when passing lorries at speed or in cross winds; the steering has a nice direct feel to it too.

It's one of those cars that feels like you're doing 30 when you're actually doing 50 if you know what I mean!

Boot space is tiny but rarely used by me, the ride can be jiggly on rough town roads but feels well controlled on the faster roads. There are no creaks or rattles coming from anywhere, so it seems well put together.

Fuel economy from my 1.0 petrol, manual, is excellent as expected; it's averaging around 59 MPG during mostly hard driving.

Aygos are popular hire / courtesy cars so I made sure mine (bought used) was privately owned from new rather than risking taking on one that could have suffered unknown abuse. I'd happily buy another Aygo, C1 or 107 based on my experiences to date, but the high standards and good value I've experienced from Toyota dealerships would make me want to remain loyal to the brand.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2014

2009 Toyota AYGO Blue 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheerful, but not so cheap


Recently in a cold damp spell in France, the passenger window glass fell into the door cavity whilst the window was being wound up. It only did it the once, and I can only assume that it didn't like all the condensation on the glass!

General Comments:

I wish that I had ordered a tachometer (Rev counter) when I ordered the car as I understand that they are very cheap as a factory fit. Unfortunately I didn't realise that there would not be a tacho in the Aygo Blue model, and it is really hard to judge engine speed of a 3 cylinder when you have driven 4 cylinder cars for 40 years. The Peugeot tacho is exactly the same at half the Toyota price, and took 5 minutes to fit.

Finish is not as good as the other Toyota models I have owned (1976 Corolla, 1996 Avensis, 1996 Celica, 2002 Yaris) and I am annoyed at such cost saving things as:-

1) No interior light switch on the passenger door. (Not even a rubber bung in the hole - just a bit of sticky tape over it!)

2) No warning buzzer if you switch off the ignition with the lights on - how much extra would that cost?

Expensive compared to the Citroen and Peugeot models.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2009

14th May 2015, 21:39

I have an 09 Aygo Blue, and mine definitely does have the warning buzzer when you leave the lights on. Not sure why this would be missing in another car.