2006 Toyota Camry LE 3.0 V6 from North America


A very unwise decision


Way too much. Rattle in dash took 3 trips to dealer to fix. Very harsh 1-2 and 2-3 upshift took 2 trips to the dealer and resulted in two weeks in the shop. Engine light kept coming on. ANOTHER trip to the dealer. Now the transmission is shifting harsh again. Two other trips to the dealer due to intermittent stalling. Was NOT fixed on first trip.

General Comments:

I bought the car based on what I had heard about Toyota quality. I am VERY disappointed. In the test drive I knew the car had less power than our Taurus, but only after driving it on the road some did I fully realize how puny it was. Merging into traffic or passing a big truck was really scary. It is incredibly weak for a 3.0 V-6.

Dealer service has been a nightmare. I thought Ford was bad, but Toyota service is much worse. It has taken repeated trips and been a real hassle getting ANYTHING done about the many problems we've had.

The gas mileage is good, and the car rides well and is comfortable. The fit and finish are as good or better than Ford. However in 97,000 miles I never had as much trouble with my Taurus as I had with this Toyota in the FIRST MONTH of driving it.

I will have to keep this very disappointing car until I have more equity in it to trade it, but I will not be enjoying the experience. Looking back, I know I made a very unwise decision. This is my first Toyota, and it will definitely be my last one. I'm going back and buy a new Fusion or 500 just as soon as I can afford to trade or sell this car.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2007

14th Mar 2007, 15:56

Sorry you fell for the hype, and thanks for being honest. I'm not sure about the 500, but I know the Fusion is now ranked way ahead of Camry in reliability and build quality. I'd go for the Fusion as soon as you can dump the lemon.

21st Mar 2007, 22:31

Funny you should mention that, when I first discovered this site I was neutral on the 'import vs. domestic' debate, but then I saw all the comments posted by the import owners that often are on the lines of 'American cars are ALL crap and the big 3 couldn't make a good vehicle if they tried'. As soon as I realized the irrational mindset of many of the pro-import people, (and their obvious anti-American attitude), I decided I would NOT be buying any imports, EVER! I really like my current Chevrolet, and will be buying domestics for the rest of my life.

2006 Toyota Camry from North America




Lets see where do we start? The transmission had to reprogrammed and then went out.

Headlight switch.

Some exhaust sensor.

General Comments:

This car was not even comparable to my FORD TAURUS in comfort or reliability. I am BACK in to a TAURUS after only 6,000 miles. I bought the Camry based on what everyone was saying about Toyota reliabilty and well I only have one thing to say about that, BS!!! This car was junk and since then I have spoke to 3 or four people while I was in the Toyota service department that have experienced the same problems. This was a 2007 model, but was built in 06. I have since learned that Toyota disguises RECALLS as SERVICE BULLETINS and had more recalls in 2006 than they sold vehicles. WOW what a feeling...

Now I for one am sticking with a Ford. The best bang for your buck. In 145,000 miles on my 2000 Taurus I never did anything, but normal maintenance.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2007

14th Jan 2007, 01:11

Hehe, I love when radicals on both sides make up reviews like these. Its funny cause the other side is going to come on here and bash and make a fight...

My only observation...

Import owners tend to be driving less and are therefore online defending their honor and bashing others, while domestic owners just seem to be driving and not giving a %$&% about carsurvey...