18th Nov 2007, 20:32

My 1992 Buick Roadmaster had all those features and much more, but was a gas guzzler, broke down all the time, and lost all of its value. Not to mention it was built with no regard to safety or quality. I think this speaks of all GM cars in one sense or another. My cousin did have a Geo that went to 300,000 miles, but OH? That was a Toyota!!

23rd Feb 2008, 10:17

Update: 8,000 miles. We are still enjoying our new Camry. One of the fog light delete panels popped out of the bumper and it took an excessive amount of time for the dealer to get another one, but it's there now and on for good this time. We think it was just not snapped in properly at the factory because it is actually a well-designed piece that snapped in firmly this time and the other one has never come loose.

Also, we had the transmission software reflashed with each of the first two (free) oil changes. The first reflash eliminated most of the hesitation, and the second seems to have taken care of all of the awkward shifting. I am glad we did not get the V6 as I understand they have been having major problems with the six-speed automatics in those. The five-speed auto in ours is doing well now though!

Other than these two things, we have had no other issues at all and we have not found even the slightest fit and finish problems that are usually rampant in a first-year body style. My dad commutes in the car often and he gets 32 MPG, and my mom gets about 26 when she is driving it. We also had the windows tinted and it looks great!

22nd May 2008, 22:21

The bumper falling apart and TWO transmission repairs in 8000 miles!! Yep, that's good old Toyota quality for you. I can see why you'd be so eager to run out and buy another one!!

26th Jun 2008, 02:30

The bumper falling apart, and two transmission repairs?

I don't see how a transmission reflash constitutes a repair, all it is is a simple reprogramming of the transmission ECU. But I do like the statement of the bumper falling apart though. A dummy plug isn't fitted properly, and, all of a sudden, that constitutes self disassembly!

27th Jun 2008, 17:18

If a domestic owner had TWO transmission failures and the bumper falling off in 8,000 miles, the import fans would be screaming bloody murder!! For that to happen to a Toyota is just all in a day's experience for import owners and is glossed over as "normal" (and lately it IS normal for Toyota). If I had 2 transmission failures and major body parts falling off in 8,000 miles, I'd be looking at a different car.

28th Jun 2008, 13:51

How about 3 transmissions in a Honda...... Acura TL? I guess I should have muffled import screams.

28th Jun 2008, 21:50

Like the earlier person said, this isn't a transmission failure. They reflashed or reprogrammed the computer to make it perform better (quicker shifting). That's it. Then a dummy plug fell out. All that means is that the cover they use to replace the fog lights on non-foglight-equipped cars was either not snapped in all the way or a clip broke. I drove the wonderful new Chevy Malibu and found it to be as good as everyone has been saying. However there was a small rattle in the lower left side of the cabin. I still think that the Malibu is great and likewise these problems don't comprise a quality concern for this Camry (let alone talk of looking for another car--get real).

29th Jun 2008, 11:56

Transmission failures in Hondas are pretty common (though not two failures in 8,000 miles, only Toyota could manage that).

As for the bumper falling apart, that also happened on one of our imports, so that's not exactly surprising either.

4th Sep 2008, 22:47

Again...not a transmission failure, just a reprogram. Again... the bumper didn't fall apart, just a little dummy cover came off.

29th Sep 2008, 22:13

REPLY 8th Sep 2007, 17:02.

You mean that Buick Regal, which was made in Canada?