21st Aug 2008, 23:56

So many domestics fanboys so-called 'reviews' on this site, its not even funny.

I am a Canadian driver (some of the worst driving conditions on earth, I live in northern Quebec) and I'm on my 12th import (mostly Toyota) and never had a single problem with them.

I've had several Camrys and Corollas, and they lasted very long with no problems at all. My 2001 Camry and 2002 Corolla are ultra-reliable, don't believe those angry American fanboys, in my province, American cars are ridiculed for their lack of durability, quality and resale value.

Imported cars rule (Toyota and Honda).

1st May 2009, 20:51

Sorry to hear about your problems with your Camry. I just traded in my 2000 Camry for another 2000 model. Mine had 200000 miles and never once had a light come on, had the original alternator and starter, and even had the original back brakes. It was the best car that I had ever owned, but I found this other one with 90 thousand miles and decided to buy it. I can say that it did use a little more oil than I thought it should have, but I kept an eye on it, and never had any problems.

27th May 2009, 14:05

I have no problems with both of mine, replaced sway bar linkage on both recently, but what can you expect, one has 360 000 on it and the other has 370 000 on it. Great gas mileage too.

24th Jul 2009, 10:21

I just bought a 2000 Camry LE. It has the problem with the engine light on. I had it diagnosed by a Toyota dealer. It is the EGR system problem. It is a failure of VSV (vacuum switch valve), but they want to charge me $1100. Too high price for this.

They said it maybe a failure from the ECU, which will charge at least $800 for part cost.

My car is worth only 5000 with a 10K miles now. But this failure is too expensive.

30th Nov 2010, 16:41

My 2000 Camry had 90K miles on it, and it died last week. The engine busted, spraying oil over under the hood, resulting in smoke all over.

Took it to the dealer, and found out that engine had a crack and it broke. The cost of putting in another old engine was $3200. I could not afford to put in that much money. Sold the vehicle for $800.

I read more about it online, and found 2000 Camry's had engine trouble - can't understand why people are crazy about old Camrys.