2000 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 liter 4 cylinder from North America


Despite a few problems, it's still a good car


Back in 2001, I found a jewel: a year-old Camry with slightly high mileage, but "broken in" well. I have driven the car for six years, and have been pretty well satisfied.

Other than routine maintenance (oil change every 3,000 miles., battery, tires, brakes, timing belt every 60,000 miles.), I was stranded only once. This was due to the water pump seizing up @ 119,000 miles., just before I was to replace the timing belt for the second time. As I remember, I was actually glad that it seized up when it did, because the old belt was shredded to pieces rather than a new one. Pump and belt replaced, I was on with my business.

Fast forward to May of 2007, exactly six years after purchase, the 5S-FE 4 cylinder started knocking... LOUDLY. With a rod about to be thrown, my gut feeling was not good. And, after "crow-hopping" the car to my mechanic, was faced with the unpleasant reality. After 159,674 miles., my engine was as good as dead. It was fixable, but not cost-effective.

Rather than replacing the entire car, I "traded" in my engine for an identical new 5S-FE. I am uncertain as to why the old engine died so prematurely (I've heard countless stories of 300,000 miles. Toyota engines), but I DID in fact maintain the engine as specified in the owner's manual. Well out of warranty, I really can't complain about the engine. After six years and that many miles, it's not exactly a "Lemon", but I am disappointed at the engine's longevity.

General Comments:

Excellent fuel economy (36 mpg highway)

Good power for a 4 cylinder engine

Good ABS

Good ergonomics

Poor AM/FM/CD unit (volume control)

Poor quality headlamp lenses (plastic yellows)

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Review Date: 31st August, 2007

2000 Toyota Camry LE 3.0 V6 gas from North America


Comfortable car, but would not buy another


Front right tire developed a belt problem. Had to replace both front tires.

The battery died two days after I bought the car.

Transmission developed a large clunk when downshifting from second gear. This started around 70,000 and got progressively worse.

Annoying rattle from rear suspension. I was told this was normal for Camry's. I used to drive a 92 Camry v6 that had this same issue even after replacing rear shocks.

General Comments:

This car had serious power and surprisingly decent gas mileage.

Handling is about average for a mid size family sedan.

This car was always maintained. When I bought it, it had all the service records and everything was up to date. I had the transmission flushed shortly after I bought the car. Having never beat on the car, I'm disappointed with the transmission situation. First I was told by the dealer that the transmission glitch was likely caused by needing new motor mounts. I spent $300 to replace one motor mount that was worn out. The rest were fine.

Hard downshifting stopped for about a week or two, then it returned. I went back to the dealership for an estimate and check up on the transmission. They wanted $4000.00 for the rebuild. This car had about 100,000 miles on it at this point and gas prices recently went way up. One fill up would cost me around $60. I decided this vehicle was too costly to own so I traded it in.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2007

13th Mar 2007, 19:35

A good friend of mine experienced the same type of transmission problem with his Camry. This seems to be a pretty common problem. He also felt it was turning into a money pit and bought a GM car.

2000 Toyota Camry GS 2.2L 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Staid, large family car. Buy this if you have a family, but are not interested in cars


Nothing, just a blown headlight bulb which is wear and tear.

General Comments:

Comfortable and reliable and practical and safe, Camrys are white goods on wheels, I actually bought a fridge and managed to fit it in the station wagon though!

But performance is only adequate. I have now sold this car because the performance was somewhat frustrating and with rising petrol prices, it was not so economical. Bought a 2002 Corolla 1.8, more economical and nimbler.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2006