2000 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L I4 from North America


Toyota reliability and style at an inexpensive price


Some minor chipping on the very front of the hood and bumper, but hardly noticeable.

General Comments:

This car is absolutely amazing. My car is really like any other Camry of this model year and has great reliability, but thanks to the previous owner and myself, it has great looks too. The previous owner splurged for a sunroof, leather seating, premium audio system and after market 5 spoke Toyota alloy wheels. The exterior paint is also in amazing condition. I also took it upon myself to add real wood accents inside.

This car is amazingly reliable. Nothing has ever gone wrong with the car, even with the previous owner. If you maintain this car to the manufacturer's expectations or better, it will last forever.

I do agree that the seats can be a little uncomfortable for me on long car rides, but I think it has more to do with the shape of the seat rather than the material. But that is really my only negative comment about this car.

Definitely a must buy!!!

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Review Date: 4th November, 2009

2000 Toyota Camry LX 4 cylinder from North America


Great car


Three sets of tires, timing belt twice and front brakes twice.

Engine light is on now with code change gas cap.

Noise in the rear of the car, like something loose in the trunk, but there's nothing loose in trunk.

General Comments:

Had this car 10 years with very little out of pocket spent on it. This is my second Camry with 200,000+ miles with very little problems.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2009

13th Aug 2009, 14:08

Yep, your experience with an "older" Camry is typical. They just seem to run and run. The cars made in Japan seem to be the most dependable. I have a 1999 V6 Camry with 220K miles and it still runs great. No problems, just normal maintenance. The 2007 and later Camrys have some quality control problems and transmission issues. The 3.5 Toyota engine is one of the best.

2000 Toyota Camry LX from North America


Wish I had never seen it


Water pump, transmission/ engine blew before 7000 miles.

This car should have been painted yellow instead of burgundy. Don't tell me Toyota doesn't make bad cars. All companies can make a bad car.

General Comments:

When this car wasn't in the shop, it ran great, otherwise forget it. As far as the seat went, it was way too hard. Olds had them beat on comfort, that is for sure.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2009

20th May 2009, 13:42

Sounds like a fishy review written about a car that was sold over 9 years ago.

4th May 2019, 18:15

I haven’t reviewed all the cars I have owned yet. Many unique. I can see how that can happen. Some I wish I had taken photos; that is so easy to do today going to the digital age.

2000 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan V6 from North America


Overrated, unsafe nightmare waiting to happen! Down with Toyota!


The right headlight had a short in it. I replaced it countless times.

The gas gauge was never completely correct. It would go from empty to full to half to full to empty to half again in a matter of minutes.

The trunk was almost impossible to close.

The airbags were faulty (see below).

General Comments:

Generally, I liked my Camry.

My previous car was a Subaru GL 4WD. It only got 19 MPG, so I wanted something more fuel effecient (the Camry was barely better at 21 MPG).

The cloth seats were comfortable (my XLE did not have leather, surprisingly).

The controls were logically placed.

The radio was acceptable.

The brakes were the worst I have put up with.

It took forever for the window defrosters to defrost the windows.

However, one day, I was with my son in the Camry on an icy back road. I will never forget this day. Because all that I had previously had to this car were AWDs, I was taking particularly more caution driving. I was going 15 MILES PER HOUR, and the Camry slid out of control. It hit another car (I think it was a Ford Taurus) with the back left quarter panel, then, I had put it into Park, and the thing rolled down a grassy hill and broke through a guard rail at 45 MILES PER HOUR!! To top it off, the air bags did not deploy. My son and I were lucky to leave the scene without a scratch, but the air bags should have deployed. A passerby called an ambulance, which we didn't need, and the ambulance was a Ford! There were also two police cars, both Fords! I understand every make and model has its lemons, but this was unreal! I will NEVER drive another Toyota as long as I live! I went on a vacation, and they offered my a Toyota as a rental, and I said, "No! Give me the keys to the Ford!"

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Review Date: 20th October, 2008

17th Nov 2008, 16:31

I think the airbags probably worked as intended. Maybe they have a weight sensor so the airbags don't go off in no ones in the car? Or maybe they don't go off if you're in park with the key not in the ignition... that seems to make sense? That way if someone rams into your car while it's parked.. the airbag won't go off.. saving you the $1000 or whatever it costs to replace an air bag.