7th Nov 2008, 20:51

Sounds amazing! I've heard that Toyota has been having reliability problems lately... Keep us posted if possible!

3rd Dec 2008, 00:39

Long known for reliability!!! European design with western technology. A reputation built on econobox with no tech other than Mcpherson and VW rear swing axle. Well, if you are a satisfied long term owner of a Lexus with a more risky techno, let me know!

16th Dec 2008, 21:18

"Sounds amazing! I've heard that Toyota has been having reliability problems lately..."

Very true. LOTS of problems. Toyota sales are off more than Ford (as are Honda and Nissan sales). The Prius sales have dropped 48%. The economy is to blame for much of the drop-off in sales, but much is due to Japanese cars dropping like a brick in quality and reliability.

I test drove a lot of cars last year, both foreign and domestic, before deciding on a Ford. I'm very pleased with my decision. The Ford Fusion has the highest reliability rating of any car CR has ever tested.

10th Mar 2009, 18:18

I'm the original poster. Still no problems, whatsoever.

12th Mar 2009, 07:14

You're lucky with the ride of the US-spec Camry. We have a 2008 model for work. The suspension on the Australian-spec base model is so stiff it jiggles you on every city bump, especially if you ride in the rear.

The seats are comfortable, but I find the styling combination of curving thick roof pillars and small side windows to be quite claustrophobic. The unnecessarily large back window means the back seat gets very hot when the car is parked in the sun.

However, it is quiet, the steering is light, the dashboard layout is clear and the car has been 100% reliable.

18th Mar 2009, 00:38

I agree. As a matter of fact, I'd even say that the Camry is the best car in the world. It's no wonder Toyota's eating all the other manufacturers breakfast, lunch, dinner & various snacks.

18th Mar 2009, 23:21

"I'd even say that the Camry is the best car in the world"

I am glad you are happy with your Camry. But let's be real. Car and Driver magazine reserves the phrase "best car in the world" for the BMW 3 series.

18th Mar 2009, 23:58

If Camry is the "greatest car in the world", why is it rated a full TWO LEVELS below the Ford Fusion and one level below the Accord in predicted reliability? Why are there so many reports of poor quality, engine problems, and poor service?

I suppose it might impress you if you have never driven a domestic, but we've had imports (including Toyota) and domestics and we will never again buy anything BUT a domestic. All our domestics COMBINED never cost us as much in repairs as ONE of our imports.

20th Mar 2009, 15:56

Well, it's now "official". The "best cars in the world" are made by GM and Ford, both of which tied for best long-term reliability in the latest figures released by J.D. Powers (USA Today, March 20,2009). Buick has now toppled Lexus from its top position and did so in a dead heat with Jaguar. The reliability of Jaguar has steadily gone up since being taken over by Ford.

Also getting top honors was the Buick LaCross (beating out Accord and Camry), the Mercury Grand Marquis (beating out the Toyota Avalon) and the Ford Ranger (beating the Toyota Tacoma).

These figures go back three years, so current vehicles from GM and Ford will no doubt score even better three years from now. This bears out what many people have been saying: U.S. companies DO build the most reliable cars, and have done so for years.

21st Mar 2009, 15:31

Congrats to Buick (#1), Jaguar (#2) and Mercury (#5).

But... there are several issues to point out:

#1 You guys were discrediting JD Power as "only initial reliability". That wasn't true then or now. Some just claimed bias. But that was when Lexus was on top...right?

#2 Other publications do lists as well. Others use different methods that standardize for mileage. They are most valuable when taken together.

#3 What about the rest of GM as a total corporate entity? Chevrolet (#20), Saturn (#26), Hummer (#30), Pontiac (#29), and even GMC (#18) rated below the industry average of 1.7 problems per vehicle (over 3 years). So Buick's goodness doesn't necessarily mean that all of GM's products are up to the same quality standard (I know you didn't say they were, but your wording seemed a bit misleading). If you accept this report, you also have to accept that Toyota's brands average higher (#3 and #4) than either Ford's (#2,#5,#8,#13) or GM's. Ford is darn close, though.

#4 Buick, Jaguar, and Mercury have few models. That can be helpful.

But, those points aside, Ford has shown steady improvement and now ranks among the best in the world. Also, none of those points take away from the fact that both GM and Ford make some VERY high quality vehicles. This is especially important because we buy vehicles, not companies. Something else that's interesting is that the difference between the worst and the best is relatively small. The best had 1.22 problems (defined by replaced parts) per vehicle. The worst had 2.63 over three years.

I just think that if you quote a source, you should give more of the pertinent information it provides.