16th Dec 2012, 19:33


Is this the hinge noise you are referring to? It is very common.

17th Dec 2012, 08:46

I see plenty of reviews on this site where people judge rental cars; there is nothing wrong with that.

17th Dec 2012, 18:30

Rental cars are usually better maintained than privately owned cars, and driving a rental car generally is an excellent way to determine if a car is right for you. As a former car salesman and car enthusiast, I recommend renting a car for a weekend to get a feel for it before buying that type of car. It is much more revealing than a 10-minute test drive at 35-40 mph. Former rental cars are the best used car buys out there. My family has owned three former rental cars (Buick, Pontiac and Toyota), and all were fully loaded and extremely reliable cars. The Buick was driven over a quarter million miles with nary a problem.

There are a lot of misconceptions about rental cars. One is that they are somehow not as good as other cars. That couldn't be further from the truth. Another is that they are "strippers". That is definitely not true. First of all, there is no such thing as a "stripper" anymore. Last summer I rented a fully loaded Impala LTZ with leather, moon roof and every other conceivable option. The former rentals we have owned have also been upscale models with all the goodies.

Referring to a car as "just a rental car" is actually pretty much of a compliment.

17th Dec 2012, 19:05

Camrys are excellent cars - whenever I need a rental I ask for a Camry - quiet, smooth & comfortable. Even the 4 cylinder engine is silky smooth. They may not be the most exciting car on the road, but I'm an adult and have nothing to prove by showing off in a Mustang or Camaro (those were cars I liked when I was 18 - I've grown up a lot since then).

When I rent a car, I want something comfortable and dependable - a Camry fits that bill in spades!

I don't want to rent some mediocre car like a Fusion.

Toyota all the way when it comes to rentals!

18th Dec 2012, 00:14

My Dad is a loyal Toyota owner. He buys them used though. I'm a loyal owner of old Ford full-size cars. Senior owned, privately sold of course.

18th Dec 2012, 07:16

I am an adult also, and have been into Corvettes for over 20 years. And am very involved with my children as well. Nothing to prove, I just thoroughly enjoy putting the top down, and enjoy the ride to and from work.

18th Dec 2012, 16:54

For a rental, I could care less what car I get. If I'm buying, I want long-term reliability, so it has to be Ford or GM for the long haul.

18th Dec 2012, 17:39

A mediocre car like a Fusion. Well yes, the Fusion is pretty bland and boring, but I certainly would not rate the Camry any better. Most modern cars are very bland and anonymous looking. For the most part, we have the imports to thank for that.

19th Dec 2012, 12:23

Who says it has to be a Fusion? I am thankful we have Mustangs and the Shelby to buy as new cars.

19th Dec 2012, 15:26

Obviously those staunchly supporting Toyota don't read. The news today carried yet another article about Toyota 's ongoing lack of concern for their customers. Toyota just had a 17 million dollar fine levied against it for ignoring the safety of their buyers. This was the FOURTH such fine in as many years. Toyota has recalled more cars since 2008 than several U.S. car car makers have built in their entire history.

As for the Fusion, I have driven both the Fusion and the Camry. There is no comparison. The Fusion is a great handling real car. The Camry is a basic transportation appliance.

21st Dec 2012, 19:08

Yup, no comparison - I wouldn't even sit in a Fusion anymore.

22nd Dec 2012, 13:44

Yup, we bought one and we drive it. No time to just sit around.

26th Dec 2012, 02:54

I very seriously doubt that the Toyota fans who attack the Fusion (as well as all American cars) have driven one. I don't know anyone who has driven both the fast and sporty Fusion and the drab and boring Camry, who would not choose the Fusion. And it isn't just the better handling and greater reliability either. The Fusion gets better gas mileage than the Camry, and has a much better and more solid feel.

27th Dec 2012, 15:12

Nobody came on here to "attack the Fusion".

Instead, this - like many, many Toyota reviews is peppered with the same, boring, worn-out anti-Toyota, anti-import comments we have seen a million times before.

At this point all that needs to be stated is let the numbers do the talking from now on. Toyota just surpassed GM (again) as the world's largest automaker. They as of this year were also ranked as the most reliable auto brand, along with their other 2 divisions. So I hope that these two very simple facts are enough to settle things.

28th Dec 2012, 08:28

Disagree yet again. Toyota has had an inordinate amount of recalls; in the millions this year alone.

Secondly, saying one model or even 2 fits all is maybe alright for you. Our family does not buy Camry or Corolla size vehicles, or their same size equivalents. Many families drive crossovers or SUVs, mini vans and sports car models. So using the broad sweep of the brush, saying Toyota, is inaccurate. And the best selling vehicle of all has been a full size truck in America; that includes cars as well.

The new full size trucks are like SUVs; loaded with amenities, and are smooth and quiet. They have high MPG due to overdrive transmissions. People have them as second and third vehicles. When you state a manufacturer; maybe focus on a class. Like subcompact, compact or mid size categories in your case. Might add some credibility, vs saying everybody buys vanilla only.

28th Dec 2012, 09:15

Yeah, let the numbers do the talking. Toyota has 3 divisions, GM has 4 with a lot more different models... "Simple".

28th Dec 2012, 17:11

I don't know that I'd call posting news about Toyota that is in the public's interest "attacking" Toyota. If the news reports that a tornado hit Kansas, they are not "attacking" Kansas, they are simply reporting news.

And the comments can hardly be the "same old stuff", since virtually every week the national news carries yet ANOTHER new story about Toyota's lack of regard for their customers. Only in the past three or four weeks has the news been published regarding Toyota's 17.5 million dollar fine (the fourth such fine since 2009) and the 1.1 BILLION dollar settlement Toyota paid to settle claims for those killed, maimed or otherwise damaged due to unintended acceleration. Next week it will probably be something else. So, no, it is not "the same old stuff". Toyota's woes are an ongoing saga with no end in sight.

29th Dec 2012, 06:39

Toyota and Ford traded places in 2012 in various months as #1 as far as car production. I would buy a GM before I would buy a new Toyota with the continual recalls in 2012. It does not instill customer confidence. Let's see how that affects production figures in 2013 is my opinion.

29th Dec 2012, 09:31

Not everyone is buying a Camry. Instead of using the word Toyota, why not say the #1 car is a Camry. It certainly does not apply to any of the same size equivalents in our driveway. If you are looking for a great SUV, we recommend GM or Ford. If you are looking for the best truck, we say it's the Ford F Series (#1 for decades, best seller in America in cars and trucks). But I would not say it's #1 if you are shopping in a different model class; say a Mustang. Or if you are shopping for the best domestic convertible sports car; a Corvette. Are you starting to get the point yet? Probably not, but the rest of us do.