24th Dec 2000, 11:46

I just read a comment from a Toyota owner, and I would like to respond. He stated that he heard a thumping sound from the right front suspension when the outside temperature was around 50 degrees or below. I just purchased a '98 Toyota Camry and I have experienced the same sound, but from the left front side. It does goes away after a few miles, or once the car warms up.

Other than that, I love my new Toyota. I have heard nothing but good things about this car, and I hope to be driving it for years to come. The gas mileage is great, too!

11th Jan 2001, 16:53

The Camry has brake problems. I have been offered to change the front rotors after 60k when I still had original pads!!!???

3rd May 2001, 23:45

Same problem with the rotor, but I only had 38k on the car.

14th Jul 2001, 21:44

When I first got my Toyota 1997 Camry, the front brakes did produce a loud grinding sound. I questioned the dealership where I purchased the car about this annoying condition and was assured that the noise was normal because of the new metallic break pads being used. The brakes were suppose to last 100,000 miles according to the Service Manager and the Toyota Rep for the Las Vegas area. The Toyota Rep rode in my car and slammed on the brakes, to exfoliate the "DUST" buildup. He said that when drivers allowed the dust to build up by not abruptly stopping the car, the grinding sound would continue until they found in a situation where they had to stop by slamming on the brakes, which would then fix the problem.

Shortly after my discussion with the dealership, and wild ride, my breaks failed completely and it turned out to be the master cylandar that failed which left me with only the emergency break to stop the car.

Today, 3 years later, after 61,000 miles on the car, the front brakes had to be replaced at my expense. When I questioned why they had to be replaced before the guaranteed 100,000 miles they denied all claims that the brakes would last that long. In fact, they said that those particular brakes would only last up to 50,000 miles, half as long as their original comments. Am I to believe that Toyota misrepresents their products or that the dealership doesn't know what they are doing?


Mona Scott

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