1998 Toyota Camry 2.2L from North America


An average car


Alternator, fuel pump, CV joints, struts, transmission, brake master cylinder, booster, radiator, water pump, timing belt, thermostat, and A/C compressor.

General Comments:

This car is great for driving around town, it gets very good mileage in the city.

The reliability of Toyota is pretty much only in the engine. I bought this brand new and have barely driven it and had a lot of nickle and diming issues that especially come out on the rare times I drove it on a long trip. Had to be towed home from over 50 miles away twice; once due to a failed transmission, another for a failed fuel pump.

Besides all that, this car looks perfect still and everything interior related works (power locks, windows, radio, sunroof).

The engine surprisingly has some pep and is quiet for a 4 cylinder.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2016

30th Apr 2016, 03:52

'98s are from the supposedly "Decontented" generation, for whatever that's worth. I do agree though, they are average cars with decent engines.

1st May 2016, 10:40

Apart from the transmission, I would say that's not too bad for an 18 year old car.

2nd May 2016, 09:05

These are expensive repairs however besides the trans. Then add in tires, brakes, batteries, all considered routine items; they too in turn add up.

1998 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Cheap, reliable, comfortable transportation, despite relatively high repair cost


Starter: Failed and replaced at about 140,000 miles (2009); attributable to 2 years of engine off at red lights and some engine off coasting (hypermiling techniques).

Power steering rack: Began leaking fluid at about 145,000 miles (2010) and proactively replaced at about 150,000 miles (2011).

Exterior driver door handle: Broke and replaced (2010) with a flimsy aftermarket handle to save about $25 bucks; it appears I'll be replacing it again within a year (likely with the higher quality OEM one).

Radiator: Small crack spotted at about 160,000 miles (2011), nursed, and proactively replaced at about 165,000 miles (2012).

Valve cover gasket: Began leaking some oil at about 165,000 miles (2012), nursed, and proactively replaced at about 173,000 miles (2013).

General Comments:

Despite a couple unusual repairs for this model and year, the reliability remains excellent; never truly stranded except for the starter issue.

Quite comfortable; not a Lexus though.

Its duty has been almost exclusively a commuter car in metro Atlanta for the past 5 years, so that's taking its toll, yet it's staving off its demise nonetheless via high quality repair parts (door handle notwithstanding).

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Review Date: 17th May, 2013

1998 Toyota Camry XLE 3.0 from North America


Unreliable brakes


The brakes, the brakes, the brakes. Back to the shop every week for brake issues. Replaced all calipers, pads, rotors, brake lines and hoses. STILL have brake problems. Drive it for about twenty minutes, brakes seize up and have to increase power to 3000 RPM just to move. Back to the shop again and again. Everything checked and diagnosed. Master cylinder, fine, brake booster fine. ABS module tested and it is just fine. No codes. Getting about 15 miles to the gallon like a seventies Cadillac.

Worst car I ever owned for brakes. Toyota Camrys are the worst for brakes. Never ending seizing and pinching. Bring it in, have more parts replaced and it is fine for a couple of weeks, then it starts all over again.

General Comments:

Comfortable and fast, just never ending brake issues that can NOT be resolved. Having to scrap it after about 5 grand in attempts to fix the brakes. Total waste of time and money.

I will NEVER buy any Toyota vehicle again. The reliability reputation is nothing but good marketing. Everything else is fantastic, but I need a car that actually goes down the road without costing me thousands a month, and isn't in the shop every week for brakes.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2013

5th Apr 2013, 05:40

Are you sure it was your brakes? Are they actually seizing and pinching? With all those repairs, I'd actually start to think it was something else like a slipping transmission, wheel bearings binding up or something like that. If there's no input from the pedal, the hydraulic system can't increase pressure unless somehow the brake booster is pressurising the system.

5th Apr 2013, 11:21

The problem is, it's a Toyota.

5th Apr 2013, 14:52

Even though you say the master cylinder checked out OK, these symptoms are very characteristic of a stopped up return valve in the master cylinder. I have seen this exact problem. It is easily fixable and very inexpensive. I suspect an incompetent shop that is fleecing you.