1998 Toyota Camry CE 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


A competent conventional sedan


Front shocks squeaked.

O2 sensor failed causing engine warning light.

Rear shocks bushing cause rattle.

Wires to back lights, at trunk hinge, were cut by the hinge.

Front brakes vibrated during high speed deceleration coming off of a freeway.

Any one of the rear lights (brake, turning and so on) burn out about once a year.

Rear wheels squeak on cold days for a few kilometers.

Rear door windows are hard to defrost.

I've never been able to get comfortable in the drivers seat, and adjust the seat frequently to change where it hurts.

The mechanical problems were fixed, without ever causing me to be stranded, just annoyed to have to get something fixed at the routine service intervals.

General Comments:

I've had a love/hate relationship with this 1998 Camry. Before this one, I had a Japanese designed and built 1985 Camry; I bought it second hand, and we really liked it. So, after I paid off the house mortgage, I thought I'd treat myself, and my family, to a really nice, conventional family sedan, and bought a brand new 1998 Toyota Camry CE with air conditioning and automatic transmission.

Well this California designed (for the North American market), and Kentucky built, car was no Toyota, like the ones that made the company so respected. I'd been in Japanese ones around the world, and always loved their "Toyota tough", and exquisite Japanese styling, engineering and craftsmanship. Well this new Camry of mine, could have been just another GM or Ford sedan.

But I'll give it marks for reliability, because I measure reliability based on whether or not the problems can be fixed. My dealer spots them almost before I do. And they are always fixed pretty well, with a new part or something. This is a lot better than tales I've heard from friends about other kinds of cars that just can't be fixed (like the car won't start in winter, or the steering vibrates at speed, tires always wear out, or some mystery unfix-able electrical malfunction with wipers or alarms, or lights or something).

Will I buy a Toyota again? Of course. But I won't expect it to be a Lexus, this time.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2006

11th May 2008, 22:50

With all do respect, have you noticed that all your problems are brought to your attention when you take your Camry to the dealer? You even said that you didn't even notice the problem was there before until the dealership notice it first. Not for nothing but I think you change your mechanic/dealer.

1998 Toyota Camry XLE 3.0 V6 from North America


Good Car that got a bad sproket


A sprocket inside of the engine had to be replaced at 99,000-miles. The cost was $1,400. The car just died one day with no warning light or any symptoms.

The small digital mile meter has not worked at night for a few years.

The plastic over the passenger side air bag has started to miss form. (Sun/heat damage I guess)

My headlights are getting dirty and probably will not pass the state inspection next time. I was told that the new headlights are over $350 each, but this car is getting old and it has been parked in the sun.

General Comments:

I have really enjoyed this car, but I was very hurt emotionally when the engine broke. I did buy this car used and I have driven the car fairly ruff, but it was always serviced professionally every 3 to 4,000-miles. I guess that all cars are still robots, so to speak, and some might break every now and then. I just can’t believe that mine did.

I love the black paint and the gold trim along with my very comfortable leather seats.

I really like the easy to start key hole that is smartly placed in the dash and not in the impossible to see steering shaft.

The car gets good fuel economy at about 22 in the city and 32 on the turnpike.

The car has never dripped one drop of fluid of any type on the concrete driveway, even at right over 100,000 miles and almost 8-years of wear and tear. I had this problem in the past with my old car.

This car has always started in the cold.

The A/C works super good, but the heater seems a bit weak.

I planned on driving this car for 15 years or more, but I guess that I will have to face the reality that it may have to be replaced. I can afford a monthly car payment, but I can’t afford getting hit in one pop with a $1,400 repair bill. A rental car and a tow bill adds up also. I think that I will wait till the new 2007 Camry comes out and I will buy a remaining old body style 2006 for dirt cheap. I do plan to buy my “first new car ever” this time.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2006