10th May 2004, 14:14

I LOVE my Camry. It was the car given to me when I first started driving on my own. It gave me no trouble until the engine blew from an oil leak. Until then, it was my dream car. I loved it and I still do, I'm waiting for it to get out of the shop. I would live in my car if I could, but I can't... so I won't. "The CaMiZZle" is the coolest car at my school. seriously. It could outrun anything with a driver man enough to put it up. I would recommend the car to anyone looking b/c my car is my friend. I love everybody. Goodbye.

19th Mar 2009, 06:58


By Eric (Nigeria)

My family bought this car in the local used car market in 2002. It had about 170,000 km on its dial. With the dial clocking over 300,000 km, it is still going strong. its amazing how smooth it still runs. I have been driving this car since 2005 up till date and it has never disappointed me nor left me stranded.



Reliability and fuel economy was the primary reasons for the choice of this car. Considering the bad state of roads here in Nigeria, she runs reliably well on both rough and smooth surface. On the average she run at 35/MPG. The car is a real cruiser. It glides over the miles like an eagle treating up hills and down hills just alike.

Being an aging vehicle, it has never left me stranded on the road. Meanwhile I have had to replace the absorbers, lower arms, broken rear anti sway bar, ball joints, exhaust, ignition and the kick starter. But the engine and transmission remain ageless, however, the 5speed manual transmission feels a little stiff.

The Toyota Camry (1989) is a GO-ANYWHERE CAR and it is a real piece of reliable engineering that has stood the test of time.