23rd Jun 2003, 08:38

I have seem some reports of engine fires in Camrys and Siennas at www.nhtsa.gov. I think the feds were investigating it. I don't believe these problems are prevalent, but it doesn't mean that they are non-existent either, or that a person commenting on them needs to be verbally harassed about it. Check things out for yourself.

5th Jul 2003, 18:15

My Wife and I recently Purchased a 2001 Toyota Camry CE in San Diego. We Are -so far- VERY Happy with it. Great ride; Fuel economy is less, of course than our former 1990 Toyota Corolla DX. That Car is the most reliable car I have ever owned. We hope to have the same reliability with the Camry.

It is a very solid car.

7th Jul 2003, 14:42


My mom has had her 1999 Camry for four years and the only trouble she had was the stereo needed replacing. Now she just paid it off two months ago and totaled it yesterday.

An older Volvo wagon was going appx. 40+ mph and rear ended her while she was going 10 mph while on an exit. Her car was pushed into a truck in front crushing both ends of the corners of the car accordion style impact. My two year old daughter was in her child seat in the back asleep. The only injuries were to my mom because of the seat belt that yanks back during impact. When the tow truck driver was loading the car up on his truck my Dad said to him, "Now we can get an American made car!", the tow driver replied, "If she would have been in an American sedan injury would have been worse."

American engineered sedans are the worst for reliability and safety. Besides the Camry is made in Kentucky! As is the Sienna, Tacoma and Corolla in Fremont, CA. Tundra in Indiana. It is all about the engineering folks!

We came out ahead with this accident and will buy another Camry.

8th Sep 2003, 13:38

I have (had) a 1997 Toyota Camry LE. I bought the Camry because many members of my family own them and have been very happy with them. I was very happy with mine.

However, in July, I was driving to work when the car began to lose power on the highway. As I began to pull over, I heard a loud clunk and smoke began pouring in through the vents. I pulled into the breakdown lane and exited the vehicle. Within 10 minutes the car was fully engulfed in flames.

Prior to this incident, I had no problems. There were no warning lights that came on, no strange smells or stalling, nothing.

I chalked it up to some kind of freak accident, but since this happened, both my sister and a neighbor have witnessed other Camry's on fire on two different highways.

I am wondering if this problem is more prevalent than I first thought.

29th Nov 2003, 00:16

Nobody has ever accused a Honda of catching fire. Probably because they don't suffer from the same corner-cutting mistakes that Toyota does.

30th Jan 2004, 08:45

I have a 1991 toyota camry, however the steering wheel shakes really bad, even when I am going just 35 mph. anyone else have this problem? besides that I love my camry.

1st Sep 2004, 18:46

I only owned one Toyota, briefly, a 2000 v-6 Camry. The car ran and rode fantastic, but had one major problem. The car required a quart of oil every 1100 or so miles just like clockwork. No smoking no leaking, it just flat out consumed it. I bought it with 9000 miles on it and wished I would have asked the original owner why she traded it. The local dealer said Toyota wouldn't do anything about an engine that only used "that much oil". When I traded it at 22000 it still used it like at 9000 miles. The 2001 Grand Prix I traded for runs just as good with absolutely no oil worries. JD Power must own Toyota stock.

10th Aug 2005, 15:21

Suggest that when you go to a Toyota Dealership for service that you type out your complaints on paper before hand and give them a copy... I bought a Toyota Camry 2003 lemon... The car has been in the shop numerous times for the transmission, alarm system, and steering/ride.. The body seems to be twisted... The last time I took it to the dealer to be worked on I gave my three usual complaints.. When I got the repair order back it stated "red light".. After three days the Repair Order said they found nothing wrong even though I have proof they did an alignment on the car and worked on the transmission. How do you claim a lemon when they do this to you??? On Guard.. During arbration Toyota claimed that it was only for warranty items... the body is not covered under warranty...

12th Aug 2005, 08:43

Too many Toyota fan-boys posting reviews. The person writes an honest review, stating problems that they've had, and that others have had problems with engine fires.

And several fanboys say that Toyota's don't suffer from those problems, he should do his homework, oh, and yeah - domestics suck.

Followed by people who have had the car catch on fire, links to the highway safety site, showing reports of Toyotas catching on fire.

Please review vehicles honestly, instead of giving a fanboy response, because you think your favorite car company can do no evil...

15th Aug 2005, 19:55

I just brought in my 2001 Camry CE to Toyota for a sputtering problem. At 57000 miles the "brain" is shot and the fuel injection is shot. All of this after following all of Toyota's regular maintenance plans. Toyota is covering the "brain" but the FI is on me for over $1100. My Explorer has 245K miles and has its original FI. I'm done with Toyota.

30th Jan 2006, 14:43

I have very similar problem with my 2001 Toyota Camry. Sometimes the engine starts misfiring and starts shaking when I slow down the car. The car then stops and the engine light turns on and sometimes stayed on permanently with engine codes p300, 301 etc. Spark plug system were changed twice and recently the dealer changed the ECM panel, but the problem persists. This problem started around 60,000 miles and now the car mileage is 77,000. I am sick and tired of this problem because the dealership has no clue as why this is happening? They want to change the fuel injector now!

1st Feb 2006, 00:38

I have a 2001 Camry LE with about 60,000 miles. The check engine light went out after the car stalled several times. Invariably, the car restarted, but the stalling posses a real safety issue. The dealer wants to replace the computer and the fuel injectors for $1100. My question is, if this is something that could have resulted from bad gas, or running the tank dry, or it's just bad luck.

7th Aug 2006, 11:29

Hi To All... I have a 1997 Camry LE, bought it when it had 53,000 miles, all I do is change oil every 4K miles, and change brakes pads.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! These cars are very sensitive to any bad gas, especially ARCO Gas in California. I stop using this gas and it used to do this: starting up again after I stop the engine. And always put the gas cap a couple turns so your engine light does not light up.

Now it has 150K miles and it just keeps on going like the Duracell Rabbit.

About the burning cars. Any car can burn down to the ground. No car is safe, anything can go wrong.