2001 Toyota Camry CE from North America




We purchased a 2001 Camry in April of 2001. Immediately after we purchased it we realized we had a problem. The car sputters and kills when you try to start it. Toyota acknowledges that the 2001 Camrys have a "Cold Start" problem. They have replaced the computer, spark plugs, fuel injectors, fuel regulator, fuel pump and cleaned the engine. Nothing has worked... they are now resorting to making up lame reasons for my car's problem. Quotes from the Toyota Engineer include... "It's the gas in the south"..."It sat in the garage too long" (one day). "There was a change in the weather"...

So, apparently I have a Camry that I can't put gas in or I'll need to move to the north to drive or need to cover with a blankie.

I went back to Toyota of Slidell to trade it in and the General Sales Manager vowed he would take care of it. His version of taking care of it was to offer me "fair" blue book value for my 8 month old Camry - $11,000 - I still owe $16,000 - not to worry - he was going to allow me to refinance the remaining $5,000. He also offered me quite a deal on a new Sienna - just $100 over invoice. What a guy! He sure took care of me and my family. Thanks Toyota of Slidell.

General Comments:

Before buying a Toyota, you need to investigate. I am not the only person who has a Camry that doesn't want to start. Sadly, my problem pales in comparison to the problems some 2002 Camry and Sienna owners are facing - their engines are catching fire. Visit the National Highway Safety Transportation site - look under problems then consumer complaints.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2002

22nd Jun 2003, 18:27

Your sputtering problem reminds me of my 1989 Toyota Tercel which sputtered and stalled. When I moved North, the problem went away. I was satisfied with it overall though.

I bought a 2001 Camry and so far it has been a good car.

The ride is exceptional and I really enjoy it! The most annoying thing is the gas cap. If you tighten it enough a check light comes on. When that happens you have to pay the dealer to reset it for you. I don't like how the automatic transmission seems to shift too much. It's been a reliable car which I can expect from Toyota.

I don't think I'll ever go back to American cars. I believe the quality problems of American cars are a direct result of labor unions.

2001 Toyota Camry LE V6 from North America


Test drive an Intrigue/Taurus, and you won't want one


Mysterious rattles from the back.

Poor panel fit.

General Comments:

I have this car as a rental after my 2001 Intrigue was hit from the side by a red light runner. This is the first time I've ever driven this model of a Camry, and I was greatly disappointed, after hearing much praise of this.

For one, the seats are too wide. I'm 6'1, of average width, and I don't have enough lateral support. Worse, every person who I've taken along has moaned about the terrible seats, whether it be the bath tub seating position, or the head rests. I'm not exactly wild over the fabric either.

Coming from an Intrigue (GM Cars are known for their plasticy interiors and poor panel fits), the Camry was disappointing! With the exception of the passenger door gap (on the Intrigue), the Intrigue's interior is much higher quality than the Camry's. The lower part of the dash is cheap, hard plastic. The textures don't match one bit, either.

I also hated how high the dash went from the passenger's side, and so did everyone who rode in it.

The car is bland. I mean bland. Not even pleasing, just bland.

The rear driver's side of the car is rattling incessently. Neither my Intrigue, nor my 6 year old Taurus have such a rattle.

The cup holders need some revision. They work, but not very well for anything larger than a can.

The engine is smooth, but it's far from the gem that is the inside of the Intrigue.

I really can't see why anybody would buy this car. The fit and finish is nothing to brag about, the styling is bland to the point of ugliness, it makes the passengers sick, and it's not even comfortable.

If you're looking at a Camry, please visit your local Ford or Oldsmobile dealer, and test drive a Taurus or an Intrigue, and you suddenly won't want a Camry anymore. And while I can't say this for all GM cars, the Intrigue is every bit as reliable as the Camry, which should not be all too surprising (keep in mind, Toyotas are made at co-GM plants).

I mention the Taurus, because I've had mine for quite a while, and it has had stellar reliability despite its heavy usage.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2001

7th Aug 2001, 11:27

I have a 1997 CAMRY with 242k miles. I drive a lot. Your rental 2001 Camry was the exact same thing. My wife has a 1998 Taurus. It is in the shop all the time at only 80k miles. I am sorry but I do not agree with your opinion.