25th Nov 2003, 14:14

I grant that the current Camry is not the most attractive beast on the road, but couldn't you write something more substantive? This entire review seems to focus on the exterior styling, which anyone could judge in one glance. I personally do not buy cars based on appearance alone. I care more about reliability, safety, and performance than the fashion statement I make when driving. I think the Camry is a great car for those who are not so shallow.

10th Jan 2004, 11:01

How about combination of both?

Practicality PLUS design? It does not have to be an "either or". I love Toyota cars for their durability and performance, but it embarrassing to drive cars like an Echo lets say. They ARE ugly, period.

17th Jan 2004, 10:55

I, Personally like the design.. Its fresh..and if you don't like the new Camry.. you probably don't like the Lexus 330, since the Camry is based off of that platform.

29th Nov 2004, 09:04

I really like the design of this car, and I don't think it looks a lot like a Ford Focus. It seems a little ridiculous to comment about nothing, but how "ugly" it is. I think Nissan Altimas are better looking than the Camry, but Toyotas are very reliable.

2nd Feb 2005, 15:35

I can't stand Toyotas, but even I do not think the car is that ugly. The quality of recent year Toyotas is highly questionable though, in my view.

10th Mar 2005, 12:27

Have to agree that the Camry is ugly... I think the new 05 model is even uglier in the back!

15th Sep 2007, 01:28

If "ugly" is the worst thing said about it, then I think it's doing pretty good.

20th May 2008, 14:23

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and while I agree the Camry is ugly, it's the recalls, sludged up engines, sloppy fit and finish, anemic performance, etc., which may be more of a cause for alarm!

Just this morning on my commute I noticed two Camry's, a Tacoma, and three Tundra's stranded on the side of the freeway!

21st May 2008, 10:23

I routinely see Camrys and Tundras broken down on the freeway. I also see our neighbor's Camry being hauled in to be repaired almost on a monthly basis.

21st May 2008, 18:41

Did anyone saying boring, potato shaped and uninspired? What happened to Supra styling or early Celica GT's... yawn...