2002 Toyota Camry LE V6 from North America


Excellent car


Very few issues. General maintenance.

Couple of rust holes in the exhaust.

Recently ABS sensor went.

Had to replace plastic front wheel inner fenders, came apart due to snow buildup and freezer.

All very minor things.

General Comments:

Great, solid car. This vehicle has cost so little to run. Brought for $3K 6 years ago from a family member, put over 150,000 Km on it since buying it and has cost very little in maintenance. Fuel consumption is also very good for the size of car.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2018

2002 Toyota Camry 2.4 VVT-i from Sweden


Great low speed cruiser/daily beater


Both rear ABS sensors failed; the second failure influenced a crash on the highway.

O2 sensor needed replacement.

Rear brake pads needed replacement.

Violent clutch shudder after a cold start.

The car developed a funky smell from the A/C.

Headlight bulbs constantly burning out.

Power antenna motor broke.

After the crash:

Bumper and undercarriage plastics were destroyed.

Headlight washer system was completely destroyed

General Comments:

I bought this car for its comfort and soft suspension due to huge Swedish speed bumps.

Pros: Comfortable, economical, cheap and good looking car. Impressive clutch. Loads of features for the price that are uncommon for cars this age. Huge trunk. Great for families. Can be crashed and driven home safely.

Cons: The suspension is not suited for high speed cornering, thus making the car difficult to drive over 60 mph (100 km/h) on European highways and tight twisty B roads. Both rear ABS sensors broke, one of which happened while cruising at top speed for only 10 minutes on the German autobahn. The rain sensor didn't work unless you would tap it (probably after the windshield was changed from a previous owner). The windshield wipers wouldn't work over 90mph (150km/h).

I've stretched the capabilities of what an average buyer would do to this car. It was a solid car while I owned it and definitely worth the €2700.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2017

1st Jul 2017, 21:03


More faults during ownership:

Power antenna motor failed.

Starter died, replaced with a used Lexus unit.

A/C developed a nasty moldy smell.

Coolant flush was needed.

Cabin air filter replaced as the old one was full of leaves.

7th Dec 2017, 15:39

"After the crash:

Bumper and undercarriage plastics were destroyed.

Headlight washer system was completely destroyed"

How can these be described as faults? Would you expect a crashed car to be unscathed?

2002 Toyota Camry G 2.5 from Indonesia


Feels like a Lexus with no fancy gadgets. I'm serious


Some leathers peeled off, probably because of the previous owner.

General Comments:

This is my friend's car, but I ride in it almost every weekend. He bought the used one, the 2002 model.

As soon as I got inside, my first impression was of luxury. I heard that the South East Asian's Camry tends to be more luxurious than the American version in terms of features and materials.

I was welcomed by the smell of the leather. There's leather everywhere. The woods look nice and antique. The interior is also solid made; it feels German.

I can hear some road noise though during the trip, but it's still forgiving and not noisy, after all, what do I expect from a Camry? It's not a Mercedes or something.

I'm impressed with its noise isolation. It's very quiet and peaceful inside, you can hardly hear the honks outside.

The engine is also surprisingly very smooth, and I'm not joking, the smoothness of the engine is almost, or maybe the same as the Mercedes E Class. Here in Indonesia, the car itself is often used as a private limousine, where usually most of the owners have a private hired driver.

There are though some problems, like the pealed leathers and some plastics that can be unattached, but it's a used car, and it starts to get old.

Another problem, which I take personally, is that in here it attracts many people's attention. Probably because this car is also used by the governments. Many annoying people like to stare through the window, and sometimes when I get out from the car, there are people staring for a long time, like they're jealous or something. Anyway, that's not the car's fault LOL.

Another problem is that the leather seats can be quite slippery sometimes, especially when the temperature is cold. The seats, they're super comfortable, but a bit stiff, but it's not too serious.

I also don't like the exterior, which I think is ugly. The front headlights are just too, you know, disproportional. The back light somehow feels like cheapy cars like a Daewoo or something.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2011