10th Dec 2017, 13:15

The reviewer seems to equate any need for routine maintenance as a "fault". He may as well have complained about the oil and filter needing replacement, and having to put gas in the tank!

11th Dec 2017, 00:06

Actually my family with an auto repair business have shared some amazing stories. Some do not either have common sense or disregard routine maintenance. Hard to believe, but some drive til it breaks. Or do not change very often oil filters, or drive on bad brakes and bald tires. Yet there is a a child seat in a car that makes them wonder why. Then some will buy alarm systems or accessories vs practical maintenance needs. You cannot see an oil change, but you can see rims. Then they wait on Friday (which is payday) wondering if the cars will be picked up as they babysit them after hours. Not everybody is like this, but you wonder about the rationale. Oil and filters are cheap, but again not a visible upgrade. You wonder why some review cars on here have bad reviews. Neglect from a prior owner like the cases I just illustrated could be a factor.

11th Dec 2017, 17:48

I have also had my fair share of friends or family members who treat their cars poorly, seldom if ever changing the oil or coolant, and in one case destroying the brake discs from gouging them after the brake pads wore all the way out.

But I digress... the car in this post is an almost 16 year old car. Regardless of brand, stuff will break and the older a car gets, things just wear out with age. I have a 22 year old Toyota truck, and over the years I've replaced the clutch, starter motor, water pump, brake calipers, the tires of course, and a shift lever seal. All of that stuff because well... it wore out. Perfectly normal stuff.

12th Dec 2017, 09:45

And looking on here, you will see some very high mileage vehicles just acquired and posted with very poor reviews. The owner compares it as if it’s a brand new car. Condemns an entire manufacturer and will never buy that brand again. The entire brand is to blame. No knowledge of previous ownership or if it’s been properly maintained. In my mind there’s no excuse, especially for oil and coolant checks. Or driving just a little further with these warning lights coming on and wondering why an engine cooked.

When buying a used car, you wonder why it’s really being sold. Some are great, others are not. But often the reviews are not realistic, even as first owners. Never really attended to promptly either for being busy, trying to stretch a buck, lack of knowledge or caring. Even when you pay, you wonder if it was messed up. Or the mechanic ran it hard when done. Cars fixed after accidents can have lingering safety issues and problems. I had one that they cut up a myriad of wiring instead of replacing with a new harness. A lot of poor connections also inside the driver's side door that created more havoc. If I reviewed it, the review would not be realistic for others.