3rd Jul 2003, 23:28

I don't know what you or the previous owner have done to your car, but it must have been destructive. My family owns 2 1994 Camry's. One has 95k and the other 97k miles... biggest problem on the one with 97k... none. The one with 95k had its starter replaced not too long ago, aside from that just usual maintenance (oil, tires, brakes).

6th May 2006, 23:02

Does anyone see a pattern here? Cars were meant to be driven. I drive less now with $3 gas, but to let it set for a month seems silly. Notice: the cars driven daily, especially more than "normal" last the longest and run the best. I had a '91 Accord with over 280,000 miles and it still purred like a kitten.

7th May 2006, 12:17

"Excuse me, but ford SUX". Yes, this is the typical response from these kids who think anybody who says something bad about a Toyota is attacking their core beliefs so they need to lash out. Oh yes, anyone who would dare state that their Ford or Buick was better than a Camry must be ruthlessly excoriated! Look, kids, I hate to burst your bubbles, but when you get right down to it, products from the major manufacturers are pretty much on par with each other and the need for repairs basically comes down to owner care and maintenance.

13th May 2006, 08:01

Kids, that's funny. I've been around long enough to have owned a Ford Granada and two versions of the Taurus. I now own a Camry and Avalon. I couldn't afFORD to throw my money away any longer.

28th Mar 2007, 20:15

Car batteries for starting (Cranking batteries) are not meant to just be left sit otherwise they become "sulphated" and no longer hold their charge. Car batteries must be regularly charged if they are being left sit. It would not be unusual for many batteries to "die in this case"

Waterpump was a little early perhaps although they are suggested to be replaced around the 80K mile mark as well as the timing belt and the idlers.

Power amplifier? Some aftermarket stereo component?