29th Jul 2004, 09:17


2001 Toyota Corolla LE Power Steering Pump:

I bought this car new, and about 150 miles over the warranty the power steering pump went out. My dealer refused to fix this without me paying half of the cost. Well half of the cost was $500.00 dollars. I don't feel this was right. I ended up taking it outside of my dealer to be fixed for less money. The handle on the driver's side won't open half of the time and I'm going to have to have that fixed now.

Now has 45,000 on it.

8th Mar 2007, 19:33

Comparing a Toyota to a Caravan? You've GOT to be kidding me! Why don't you check out Consumer Reports - the issue that just came out mentions that the Caravan is something to stay FAR away from.

110k miles isn't much, so I wouldn't brag about it. My Corolla's (I've owned two) have both gone over 300k miles.

I'm sorry for your misfortune - every brand has a lemon, but to compare Toyota to a worthless domestic that is unreliable, cheaply made, and has such awful value sustainability is absolutely ridiculous.

Go spread your rumors elsewhere.

8th Mar 2007, 21:42

And where exactly did someone compare a caravan??

9th Mar 2007, 08:41

Did you read the review? It said I wished I keeped my Caravan with 110,000 miles! I think that counts as comparing...

17th May 2008, 17:54

Yes, pretty much counts. Let me guess, your Corollas were pre-98, right? Why don't you read the reviews for the 98-2003. Not so good. I had a 96 Corolla as well and it was a wonderful car. 210,000 without any problem that I can call a "problem". Bought two Camrys afterwards- 97 and 2000. Both were not even close in quality to the 96 Corolla, abundant on suspension and mechanical defects with more than perfect maintanance. I would not have a problem comparing the Camry to a Taurus. If you look at the reviews you'll notice that the percentage of bad reviews is about the same, so why not Caravan?

19th May 2008, 17:57

19:33 why are you commenting on a Corolla; the review is on a Camry? I've also owned Corollas as well as long as the subject changed, and they nickel and dime you to death over 100,000 miles.

21st May 2008, 17:29

I think the point being made by bringing up the Corolla was to illustrate overall poor quality of Toyotas in general. I do feel, however that up until about 2000, the Camry was actually better built than the cheaper Corolla. Since then it seems that Toyotas entire product line has suffered a huge drop in build quality and overall reliability.

Our friends had to get rid of their outrageously expensive Land Cruiser (Toyota's most expensive vehicle) due to continued and very expensive breakdowns. It seems now that the price range of a particular line has no bearing on quality. The pricey Avalon is also having lots of problems.

14th Nov 2009, 01:20

Now lets look at an example of whats happening to the quality of TODAYS Toyotas and other imports (or what used to be).

Remember the VCRs of the 1980s. Remember how heavy they were. And remember "all the time" THEY took to put the nice chrome trim, fancy clocks etc on those VCRs?? Not to mention how fancy the stickers and cases for those blank VHS tapes were then. And came with a few stickers so you could replace if you made a mistake writing on them.

NOW LOOK AT how they make VCRS TODAY! (The last years of VCRS being made anyway). Do we NOTICED how CHEAP these VCRs of TODAY are?? Man, I'll tell you, they REALLY stripped every nice detail trim, and eliminated the clocks and fancy displays, not to mention all that milk carton PLASTIC the whole thing is made of! Not to mention those new blank VHS tapes come with only 1 cheap sticker that doesn't even cover that entire spot on the tapes. NOT to mention how CHEAP the plastics of those tapes of today are!!! THUS THEY ARE FAST MADE!!

Well GUESS WHAT you guys, that's the same thing that's happened to TODAYS imports (or what used to be) These cheap manufacturers are wanting to SAVE money, by cutting the quality of the parts and stripping down that little chrome, they think we will not notice!