5th Sep 2007, 21:18

I have a 2002 Camry LE with 135K. I'm the original owner and have taken good care of it. More problems than I would have thought with a Toyota. Hand brake, both inside door handles, idle problems, alternator, check engine light ("Minor" emission problems - gas cap and filler tube and associated valves replaced - over $400 and the check engine light keeps coming on), etc. My wife's Pontiac Vibe (made by Toyota) had a major engine overhaul at 30K (under warranty). Toyota quality? Next cars won't be "Toyota."

7th Sep 2007, 18:25

19:26, why exactly would you want to buy another Toyota if your transmission went out before 100,000 miles? Toyota's main attraction is its supposed reliability and quality. Without that, what exactly does the brand have going for it? Great styles, powerful engines, and Prestige? Don't make me laugh.

11th Feb 2009, 04:19

I am looking to buy a Toyota Vista Ardeo which is supposedly built on a Camry platform. Are there people who own this make who can post some reviews? I would like to know how reliable it is, maintenance costs as well as fuel costs. I also hear that the 2 litre engine suffers from some problems. Is this true? Please help.

1st Jun 2010, 09:36

I bought a 2002 4 cylinder Camry made in Japan with 95,000 k on it (Ontario) made in Japan... the car was just like new.. However the A/C unit lost the refrigerant after 6 months and it cost me about $800. (parts and labour and taxes, 13 %.) to get it fixed, as there was a leak in a double tube that is part of the A/C system and that cost over $400.00 Canadian from Toyota. (No after market part available)

A year later the vacuum switch on the charcoal canister became defective.. This was replaced for $125.00 Canadian, out the door.

Other than that? It has just been normal maintenance (oil and filter changes and tire rotation, spring and fall. (Mobil 1 yellow cap)

I just this year put new front discs and pads on the vehicle at 165,000 k (they were new when I bought the car with 95,000 k on it).

The tires (Michelin) are still good and I hope to get another two winters out of them.

I consider brakes as normal maintenance. The vacuum switch? Maybe?

The car cruises effortlessly at 70-80MPH on US interstates (I-75 northern Michigan>and the 400 series highways in Ontario). It uses NO oil that I can discern on the dipstick. My driving is 50-50 city and highway.

It rides very nicely.

I would buy another made in Japan Camry.

30th Nov 2010, 11:28

I have a 1997, Japan built, V-6. I bought the car in 1999 with 20k miles. The car now has 204k. Most reliable car I've ever owned (includes Hondas). I always change my fluids at the proper intervals and I always make sure the timing belt is replaced every 60-80k.

Great car. I firmly believe that the secret is the made in Japan part. I will be getting another soon for my teenager, I will be definitely looking for a Japanese VIN.