30th May 2007, 23:54

You shouldn't take your 2nd hand car to the Toyota certified workshop to get it fixed. That's why you paid so much.

My father took his Hi-Ace van (which did 300,000+ miles) to Toyota, what a HORRIBLE mistake. You know they charge big dollars, and do very little? I'll give you an example, for one they'll check your lights on each corner of the vehicle. They charge $20AUD to check each corner. Notice how I said 'check', if there's a blown light bulb they WON'T change it with the checkup... no... that will cost extra. And don't get me started on spare parts, especially if they aren't part of the engine! OMG!!!

He ended up paying in excess of $600AUD to get his fan "fixed", and all they really did was change the head cover gasket and a couple of globes. You know they (the dealership) wanted $2400 to replace the clutch and gearbox? It has been 3 years since that "service" and my father still hasn't needed to change the box and clutch!

Here endeth the lesson... don't get me wrong, I respect Toyota cars mightily, you have just got to be very careful about where you have yours fixed. First place to NOT fix it is the dealership. Those people think you have money coming out of your ears, and you should if you take your car to them.

10th Jun 2007, 15:02

I have 1998Toyota Camry 1.8L engine original owner, car made in Japan with 169,000miles on it without any problem except normal wear and tear replacement such as brakes. I am very happy about this car and convinced to use Camry for the rest of my life. Comfortable, hassle free, and reliable. I have no problem with its electronics.

9th Aug 2007, 06:18

Ether you're extremely abusive to cars, or you've managed to find the worlds first corrupt Camry! I bought a 1998 Camry with 113,896 km on the clock. No problems here!

9th Aug 2007, 23:16

Listen, I don't even care what you did to this car, no Toyota is cheaply made, and certainly not a mid-90's Camry. If you want to see what cheaply made is like, drive a Ford or Chevy.

13th Aug 2008, 21:35

I purchased my 1998 Camry about 4 years ago with 52,000 kms and now have 270,000 kms. Other than an O2 sensor, a timing belt and oil changes and tires, I have had no repairs. When I had the timing belt changed, my mechanic (not the dealer) told me that I should be good for another 200,000. It is the most dependable car I have ever owned. I would highly recommend anything built by Toyota.