10th Feb 2007, 15:20

I am laughing in my chair thinking about some guy with a Cavalier in his driveway, typing one of those jealousy-ridden, angry, hollow comments! The truth stings, doesn't it? Just like the one commenter mentioned, the little 3 are falling to pieces while Toyota grows and grows, and has JUST taken full command of the last remaining demographic; powerful work trucks. Thank you Toyota, for at least providing me with a high quality, dead reliable vehicle for the money I spent (could've spent on a Ford or Chevy, and would have gotten much less of a vehicle in return). Every time I see ANOTHER Ford or Chevy car or truck broken down, I wonder; could it be one of the people commenting here on this site about how great they are? Yeah, you guys can sure quote past sales numbers when it comes to the F-150, guess what, they're on their way out the door. Watch the new Tundra sales in the near future. That thing looks like it could chew up an F-150 and spit it out the exhaust pipe.

10th Feb 2007, 16:20

I think the 13:52 poster needs dose of reality, like the fact that Toyota is a global company (it has bestsellers elsewhere), the hybrid technology can hardly be called a failure when every single Toyota is going to have it and even FORD is licensing it (along with Nissan and others), whether the Tundra outsells the F-150 (it won't since Toyota's capacity is only 250K) is irrelevant to Toyota's global domination.

10th Feb 2007, 16:45

I tend to agree. In the '70s, a car was considered shot when it hit 100,000 miles, but since the '80s it seems to be the norm to see cars going to 150,000 miles, at least with domestics. I bought an '80s Dodge with 150,000 miles on it, and assumed it would die in a year, but I drove it for another 100,000 miles before the Wisconsin rust ate into it too deeply to keep on the road. It was still running, though. Maybe 208,000 miles on a Cavalier isn't that much to get excited about, but I don't think it's anything to scoff at, either. That doesn't exactly put it down there in the "unreliable junk" category.

10th Feb 2007, 22:03

I looked at the new '07 Tundra today just out of curiosity. It HAS improved a LOT. They have really taken notice of a lot of the F-150's great features and copied them. I still think the F-150 is a far better and (based on all the problems with the earlier Tundra) much more reliable truck. I'll stick with the F-150.

11th Feb 2007, 01:25

The comments are disappearing. Why? Deleting comments such as the factual one that was posted a while ago does nothing for the discussion. all it adds is confusion for participants because certain comments refer to others as their main building blocks. without those, they have no base and no longer make any sense. pointless? YES.

11th Feb 2007, 03:54




Comments are being deleted because there are some pretty unpleasant things being said. I'm trying stay on top of things, but unfortunately unpleasant comments do slip through and need to be removed or edited after they've been posted. I try to edit other comments so that they make sense after deletions, but sometimes I don't succeed.

I'm working on some solutions that will limit problem posters, but unfortunately this does take a little time. I apologise to everyone for the delay in getting this issue completely under control.

I've asked several times for people to show some self restraint when posting, and indeed most people do, but a small number of people are repeatedly crossing the line from robust discussion into personal attacks.

If people want to raise their concern about aspects of the site or other posters, they should email me, rather than starting a witch hunt in the comments of the site.

Steven Jackson.