4th Mar 2009, 15:32

To the commenter from June 8. You mentioned in your mostly negative review that the Camry 4 cylinder has better performance that the V6. How does an engine deficient by almost 60 hp and almost 70 ft-lbs. of torque make it better in the area of performance? It doesn't. You're very wrong. The V-6 walks all over the 4 cylinder and at minimal fuel cost.

I have not had nearly the number of engine problems that you have had, so maybe you bought someone else's set of problems.

I will agree and so will many others experienced in Toyota ownership that the older Japanese produced models were more robust and reliable, but they were also much less complex. My 1989 Toyota pickup was more reliable than all of my other vehicles put together, but it was made in Japan, definitely a factor, and it was very plain and simple.

Still, I along with most other Camry owners consider their '98's to be very good cars overall. I think you bought one of the odd lemons.

11th Apr 2010, 17:07

I have owned 3 Camrys.

1991 Camry 1.8, 200,004kms on it. Great car, just it was rotten on fuel, but a solid little car. Never had any problems with it. Kept on going even though it had high kays. Just a very sluggish motor, which drank a heap.

1997 Camry 2.5 V6 200hp 70,000km. What a nice car. Cruises so well. The gear box was smooth responsive, and always working well. Was not bad on fuel better than the old Camry, but not so good in town, sat around 20mp, while on highway 30mps+ was common.

1999 Camry 2.2 with 22,000 was a nice car. The motor was in a amazing way quite peppy. Good in town, with a power band, if you knew how to use it right, with short sharp prod's ending at 3,000rpm, made you very fast in traffic. But after that it was mega slug. Not all that good on fuel. I only ever averaged 25mpg, town or high way.

My Mitsubishi 230hp V6 does 40mpg, town. I know, but I have found running it one straight though gives huge economy, and can prove it with readings of the clock if you want.