1974 Toyota Celica ST 1.6 from North America


Nothing went wrong with the car,

General Comments:

It was a 1974 Celica. It had the same appearance as a 1970 'cuda. I installed cragger mags and a front spoiler; very sharp looking car, Always received compliments on what a far out Celica I had.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2011

1974 Toyota Celica TA22 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Not your average boring hatchback that make up most of the traffic now


Not too much for such an old car.

Replaced the clutch.

Usual consumable items all replaced.

Interior stood up pretty well apart from a crack on the dash.

Fairly major rust though.

General Comments:

Really reliable car. When I bought the car, I liked the looks of it, and knew that with such a small engine, it would be fairly good on fuel. It ran fine on unleaded petrol.

Handling is OK for what it is, but my biggest issue with it was the performance (or lack thereof).

The poo brown color was very 70's, and people were generally happy to see the old banger still on the roads.

Gearbox was excellent, one of the 1st cars to get a 5 speed box.

Wind noise on the freeway was very loud and tiresome, but it was part of the character.

Seats were comfortable and driving position was fine. Started 1st time, every time. Consumed a bit of oil, but I just topped it up every so often. It had a real personality that most cars these days don't have - I'll miss her.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2010

1974 Toyota Celica GT 18RC from North America


Everywhere I went with the car, people stopped, looked and always asked questions.


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car in the 30 years I owned it, I always was on top of maintenance and if a problem started, it was fixed before it got terminal.

Could of used some more power in the motor.

General Comments:

The car went through whatever I put it through, from age 17 to 47. It also was wrecked a few times, but like Frankenstein it was recreated and alive and well.

It was an incredible 1st car and I am going to keep it until I croak.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2006

3rd Mar 2013, 17:24

Well, I return 7 years later to add to my past comment here I posted. I am still in total agreement with my past post, and even though I treated the car harsh at times, she never let me down.

I drove it across country, from Bradenton FL. to SF, CA in 3 days once, made love in it, camped out in it, and many other things during a total of 37 years of ownership.

I finally made a decision to sell the car a few years ago for $2,900. The new owner was very excited and said it was his life's dream to own. I made the trade from the Celica GT to a 1989 Toyota MR2, which is in fantastic condition. Purchased for $700 and worth over $2,900. Just try and pry this MR2 from my cold dead hands. (Charlton Heston)

5th Mar 2013, 07:39

I owned a 1977 new. Everywhere I went, this car always got compliments on its Mustang body styling. Very hot looking car, that I felt was ruined in the 80s. The beginning of the potato shape in many vehicles. I went to a Datsun 280ZX 2 plus 2 next; an expensive car new, but a great choice at that time. Very advanced factory electronics for its day.