1989 Toyota Celica GTS from North America


Good choice


Outer CV joints replaced at 150000.

Manual transmission leaks at 160000.

Air Conditioning went out at 140000.

Environment controls for interior is started failing intermittently at 150000.

Rusting away to nothing.

Other than above everything else is still original equipment.

General Comments:

The last few years I haven't taken very good care of this car and still it runs.

It doesn't drive like a 4 cyl Performs much better.

Gets nearly 35mpg.

This car spent most of it's life in the Chicago area and repeated attempts to try and control the rust, were unsuccessful.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2004

1989 Toyota Celica ST 2000 6 cylinder from North America


This has been absolutely the best car EVER!


Had to replace the front Driver side brake at 170K.

OEM Muffler went at 160K.

Rear Hydraulics on Hatch went and won't hold hatch up unless its scorching hot outside.

General Comments:

I didn't plan on getting this car, but my last car was stolen and I ended up picking this one up from a friend. I am the second owner and I'll tell you that this has been the dream vehicle. The Celica still has great pickup, all the electronics work (including cruise control & AC) well, it is comfortable for a six footer, has no rust and sthe paint looks like it was done last week.

This car has handled like a dream on the hilly Streets of San Francisco, performed like a sleddog in the mountains of Colorado and taken on the bitter Lake effect winters and blistering summers of the Midwest. It has crossed the US 3 times and continues to perform like a champ. It cannot be beat! I've put about 70K on this car to take it to 181K and can easily see her going to 250. Just put oil (Lots and lots of oil- about a quart every 2 weeks- this can be fixed pretty easily) in and its all set. God Bless Toyota for making this car.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2004

1989 Toyota Celica SX 2.0 DOHC petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great little rocket, bad mechanic that repaired it


1 Month after I bought it started to develop a bad knock in the engine, I confirmed it had spun a big end bearing. Local car yard where I bought it from repaired it under warranty, but work took over a month to complete.

2 Months after I bought it the big end knock reared its ugly head again, took vehicle back to car yard for repair, car yard only took a week to repair this time. Problem caused by mechanic error of installing the bearing caps the wrong way and in the wrong order.

Exhaust tail pipe corroded through, causing a leak.

Various irritating squeaks and rattles occur through out the interior.

Engine will not start intermittently, mainly when hot.

Paint clear coat on sunroof has bubbled up.

Uses a bit of oil sometimes.

General Comments:

The car has good performance, but you have to rev it hard to make good power.

It handles very well, especially after the fit ment of 16" alloys with low profile tires.

It's good fun to cruise around in.

Does a great handbrake turn.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004

1989 Toyota Celica ST 2000 2.0L from North America


Extreme High Quality!


The biggest item I have had to replace is the muffler. The only other thing replaced in 13 years of daily driving would be tires and brake shoes/pads.

General Comments:

Possibly the single, finest, highest quality car ever made in automotive history. Up to 1999, Consumer Reports magazine listed this as one the top most reliable older used cars. This is an understatement. This car was made in Japan when the car industry there was at its peak of quality and perfection. The 2000cc, 16-valve motor has never been opened up for servicing in 145,000 hard, city miles of driving, yet it still purrs like a kitten. I can put a dime on the valve cover and it won't rattle off. No leaks, no vibrations, no knocking, no misfiring. The steering is tight like a new car and the suspension handles like it did new. The 4-speed overdrive transmission shifts as smooth as silk and has never been serviced; the transmission fluid inside is the original (I know because I owned it from day one and never changed it). The paint glows like it did 13 years ago. The gas mileage is still above 30 mpg. On the highway, this Celica runs like it had a V6 under the hood. This 1989 Celica is comparable in quality to a 1920's Rolls-Royce.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2002

12th Sep 2003, 19:35

I too own a 1989 Toyota Celica. I got it used for 400 bucks 2 years ago in 2001. At the time the car needed exhaust and body work and the owner had just purchased a Toyota Rav4. I am highly surprised and pleased with it's performance. I serviced the exhaust and worked on some rust especially the rear. Today I had the transmission serviced for 50 bucks and to my surprise the slippage was due to dirty oil and now it's fine. Even though it has 190,000 on the odometer I figure it's got another 30,000 left. Probably not much more. I can feel some chassis and suspension wear in the turns. I have decided to invest in her with some new paint and have plans to add a performance exhaust, air filter and ground effects. It's a keeper!

2nd Jun 2004, 17:57

The 89 celica what a treasure. while I was growing up I have always been interested in buying one because unlike it predessesors it has I kinda cheeky feeling to it. anyway about a year ago I finally bought one after getting my licence. I'm telling you once you get used to the handling and power shifts, then you're practically on top. its the most beautiful car I've set my eyes on. I love it. but regretfully I now gotta sell it because dads has seen what the car is capable of first hand. I'm really regretful in selling, but I guess that the memory will always be there. at least now I can stand up and say that I too owned a celica and damn she was gorgeous.

15th Jun 2004, 02:43

I had an '89 Celica GT. I miss that thing so much. I did have to had oil and power steering fluid to it about once a week, but those could have been fixed. When I sold it, it had 160,000 miles on it and was in decent shape except for a few dents, scratches and little rust. Worst of all, I only sold it for $700. Man, I'm kicking myself for that one.