1999 Toyota Celica ST 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Pretty yet more affordable and practical than most people realize. Future classic?


Rear LED brake light failed at 30k (warranty)

Set of brake disc's and pads under warranty at 40k. New front disc's and pads again at 72k (£400), rear disc's due soon (at 80k, another £400)

Passenger side electric mirror motor failed at 60k (c£150)

Electric window sensors (to stop in right place) passenger side at 44k (warranty), driver side at 67k (£120)

Air con loosing gas at 74k, took four trips and £600 to fix, but that bit was more the dealers fault than the cars.

General Comments:

Had this from a few months old (when new shape came out and old prices dropped) and its still a real nice car for cruising through the city or steaming down the motorway. Performance is real world adequate and running costs generally very good, fixing it is costly though.

Put some 17" alloys with latest Eagle F1's and the cornering will impress even if the acceleration doesn't. Lower and stiffen the suspension if you must, but it won't make that much difference to handling (but it making you feel that you are getting into a proper sports car as it sits so low)

The interior is a little gloomy with its dull Japo/German styling, but everything is solid. Posh mats and flash stereo make it feel nice, but not up to date (I like the old fashioned feel and slightly heavy steering). Drivers seat always feels warmer than passengers which can be a pain on long journeys.

Amazing luggage capacity for two too. Large frame tent and all our stuff (inc portaloo) for two weeks camping can fit in the back (but its too the roof, under the seats and around the passengers legs)

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Review Date: 13th May, 2005

1999 Toyota Celica TRD 190 SS-II 6sp 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Hardcore adrenalin go-cart


Nothing gone wrong so far. Few annoying squeaks somewhere in the trim. Axillary belts can give a bit of squeak in the morning, need some libricant spray next service.

General Comments:

The car handles like glued to the road.

Fast is seriously pushed but tend to feel much faster than it is. Need a LOT of revs to start going. Do not feel that fast otherwise. Very noisy, no soundproofing at all. Can hear every sand particle on the road. Revs happily and start to SCREAM after 6000. Thirsty even if driven gently. My back and ears giving up after about 40 miles in it. It is 4 wheel motorbike with handling, sound and feel to match. Boot big and back seat suitable for small kids. Do not kid yourself: it is a wonderful fun car but no more. If you drive a lot it is nightmare. Have to go back to my old Volvo for motorway runs and keep it for a dull day to put smile back on my face.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2004

1999 Toyota Celica Convertible 2.2 Liter from North America


A fun, sporty economical car to drive


Mechanically speaking, nothing has gone wrong.

The brakes are original and don't need to be replaced quite yet. The automatic transmission shifts as smooth as butter, and the engine purrs like a kitten. The factory 8 speaker stereo sounds great, even with the top lowered.

I did have a problem with the drivers side window overlapping the rear quarter window, thus, not having a tight fit. I took the car to the dealership to have it re-aligned (under warranty). This car is a convertible, so there is no window frame for the windows to slide up into. Therefore, the windows must be adjusted perfectly.

1999 is the last year for the Celica Convertible. A new design came for 2000.

General Comments:

Fun to drive. Handles great and corners as if it's on rails. I've taken freeway ramp curves at 70+ MPH, and the car doesn't lean, nor do the wheels chirp.

The 2.2 liter engine borrowed from the Camry is somewhat powerful enough, but could use some more horsepower. A Honda Civic SI can easily run circles around the Celica. However, Toyota's engines have become faster in recent years, but the celica body style has changed too, unfortunately.

The front seats are very comfortable, and all of the heater/AC/Stereo buttons located on the center console are easy to reach. The back seat is cramped and will only accommodate 2 children or adults under 5'8".

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Review Date: 11th July, 2004