Celica 1.8 VVTI petrol

Solid, stylish and well thought out

89 words, UK and Ireland

Celica VVTI 1.8 petrol

Reliable, cheap and fun motoring. It's no Ferrari... but what do you expect?

81 words, UK and Ireland

Celica T-Sport 1.8 189bhp petrol

Quick if you use all the revs!

1785 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment


80 words, North America

Celica GTS 1.8

Nice car, but needs to be revved like heck to perform

146 words, North America, 8 comments

Celica GT

Extremely worried that I have owned the car for only 2 weeks and already had it in the shop twice

37 words, North America

Celica Premium 1.8

Very nice car to drive on the open road

151 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments