25th Feb 2004, 16:37

Well I blew the car up, but since then I joined the military. i got stuck in Iraq and picked up some extra cash. so when I get home I should have some time to repair the problems my youth has caused on the car. LC engineering here I come.

10th Mar 2004, 13:25

I own an 84 Celica ant this car runs like a champ. with a little work these cars can swoop on a Honda, big time! the rear wheel drive is awesome too. it's an import, but not at the same time. peace.

14th Aug 2004, 11:29

290K+? Just goes to show how durable those 22R's are.

I have a 1984 Celica GT liftback as my daily driver, and I love it! My dad has a 1982 Celica GT notchback set up as a full tube-chassis race car, so I know you can make them fast.

You take a 22R block, bore it 0.080" over, use JE forged pistons, a heavily ported 20R head, a Holly Dominator intake manifold, a 500 CFM 2 bbl. carburetor (we're thinking about trying a 390 4-bbl.), and an LC Engineering Stave IV or better cam and header. Dump that into a Dynomax Super Turbo, and you've got a screamer on your hand! 80 miles a hour in second gear, doing about 8 grand, and she won't blow until you hit 13,500 RPM!!!

14th Oct 2006, 09:26

I have a Toyota Celica GT84 and is the best, I race Hondas all the time and I always win! I also can beat the Mustang!

24th Oct 2006, 16:25

I Have a 84 gt notch-back and man from 0-60 it is so fast I race anything that wants to race it also be my dads 84 1\2 mustang GT350.

But that's what happens when these cars run great.

13th Jul 2010, 01:40

I got my 84 Celica about a year ago; it was my first car.. I'm not currently driving it because I'm tired of all the problems, so I got me a small GMC Sonoma, but I love that Celica, and I had a great time flying down dirt roads and drifting around dirt curves, also showing every Honda that had a cocky driver behind it that the Celica rules all ha ha. I plan on putting a lot of work into this car as soon as funds are sufficient, because this car is great, and I have learned so much from it. May the ancient Celicas live on!