20th Nov 2009, 14:41

Pretty sure that was only an issue on the 140 Celica's. The owners forums tend to confirm this.

18th Jan 2010, 15:48

I have a 2003 140 and have been driving it round with no oil in without any warning light. Now its making a really loud rattling noise. Can anyone tell me if they had this problem, and whether it's going to cost me more than my car is worth?

3rd Nov 2010, 00:53

I have a 01 Celica GT 1.8.

I have recently noticed that it is using oil at an excessive amount. I am looking to get the car fixed before I have to buy a whole new motor.

Please help.

24th Nov 2010, 14:49

I've the same problem when I'm accelerating only. It's getting worse now. Anybody know how to fix it?

1st Jan 2011, 19:00

I own a 2003 T-Sport, and whilst the car is moving and in gear, it's making a noise that sounds like a bearing of some sort in the gearbox. If you put the clutch in or accelerate, the noise goes, but when leaving the gear pulling the car, you can hear the slight whining noise. I've taken car to the garage as the car is under warranty, and they say it's metal tapping on metal in the engine bay, but to me it seems more serious than that. Any suggestions please?

28th Mar 2011, 00:05

That is rubbish! Go and get a second opinion from an independent party.

20th May 2011, 04:34

The noise you are hearing is the bearings within the gearbox. Toyota know this is the problem, but it sounds like they don't want to fix it for you, as it's time consuming and expense for them at their cost. You should go to a second Toyota dealer and get them to check it for you. I had the same problem on my Toyota, and I am sorry to say I had to have the gearbox replaced.



30th Jul 2011, 02:55

Hey mate, I wondered if you could tell me more about this engine sludging?

I just bought a 2000 model VVTI, and it chews oil; like 1000 miles to a full tank!!!

Also, my engine management light has started to come on, and a few noises are coming from my exhaust, which I am told is the CAT breaking up due to the bad emissions?

I would like to be advised if this is time to get rid of the car, or what you believe needs replaced?

Cheers, Jimi.

30th Jul 2011, 04:33

Hi guys and girls. I have had my 2000 plate Celica 140 for just over 2 years now, and it gets through lots of oil. I had the big end done on warranty shortly after buying because of running out of oil; in one week of hard driving I put in 2 litres of oil in 500 miles LOL. But if driven easier, it's not nearly so bad. I still drive it hard from time to time, but as long as it is checked and topped up regularly, it won't do damage.

These earlier models were fitted with piston rings that wear, and oil gets past and out the exhaust.

That said, it's an awesome car. I never want to get rid of it.

14th Mar 2012, 11:41

I purchased a 2001 Toyota Celica for my daughter. It came with a 5 speed manual transmission.

It had about 145,000 miles on the odometer. Four months later, the tranny refused to move the car. There was a lot of gear noise. Removed the tranny and opened it up, and found several gears with teeth missing (gear teeth).

I also noticed, from the markings on the tranny, that this was a replacement tranny from some unknown junkyard.

Purchased another transmission off of eBay. Now 6 months later, I have a lot of whining noise from the transmission. While traveling on the road at about 60 miles an hour, in 5th gear, when I let up on the gas pedal, I will at times, all of a sudden, get the sound of gears grinding together, and a temporary loss of forward movement of the car.

I suspect the problem could be the tranny gears again, and quite possibly the bearings within the tranny.

At times, I will also get a squeal noise, for no apparent reason.

When I installed this tranny, I used 80w-90 gear oil, as recommended from the seller of this tranny, and also the parts store. So lubrication should not been a problem.

I should also mention, that I had to replace the shifting cables, as for one of them had broken. Afterwards, it shifted fine, up until two months ago.

Supposedly this tranny I purchased off of eBay, only had 117,00 miles on it. I would say that I've put maybe 5,000 miles on this tranny since installing it. Anyone have some thoughts on this problem?

I suspect I will hear it's time to replace the tranny again. I should mention all of the other gears, except for 5th gear, work reasonably well.

13th Mar 2013, 17:07

Sounds like the clutch thrust bearing...

Not an expensive part, but probably best to change the whole clutch, as the gearbox needs to come out anyway.

2nd Apr 2013, 06:03

Hi. I had a 51 plate. It will use 1 liter of oil every thousand miles, depending on what oil you use. Look at it as a constant oil change. I was told the oil gets past the rings, because the original design was to have ceramic liners in the piston bores, but due to cost, this was dropped and larger thickness piston rings were added. Late 02 onwards models don't have the problem.

18th Jul 2014, 14:34

The gear oil should be 75-90 in a Celica gen7?

16th Jan 2015, 15:30

Hi, I'm having the exact same problem. I still have no idea what it is! I'm looking for someone to help me out too.