5th Nov 2004, 11:01

Toyota IS and always will be a leader in economy standards. I own both models of the 2000 Celica. GT and GT-S. Both have around 75000 miles on them and I have yet to have a problem with them. The problems that you face are more than likely self induced problems. It's an economy car ladies and gentleman. Even though it does have a sporty look, the GT is NOT for speed. GT-s is a whole new story.

28th Apr 2005, 11:52

Why is the GT-S a different story?

12th Jun 2005, 02:20

Gt-s is a slow and pathetic like the gt, and those problems r not self induced. a lot of people have em.

14th Jul 2005, 11:38

The GTS first off, the GTS has a 180 HP engine, while the GT has a mere 140HP engine... i own a 2000 celica GTS, and I've had no problems at all, and is a very fast car compared to the GT. I am very happy with the toyota cars I own, and I agree that your car troubles may be self-induced.

15th Jul 2005, 23:21

The GT-S I own is 5 years old and I have yet to have problems with it... I've never had to replace anything except for the brakes, rotors, other regulars and keep up with maintenance. It still runs and looks like new. The problems you are having may not be self-induced, but be weary of mechanics (past experience with other vehicles I've owned). Since then, I vowed to bring my car to only one trusted Toyota dealership for maintenance - maybe this has something to do with its mint condition.

29th Oct 2005, 10:34

I have had my GTS for almost 6 years. It is a great car. I have had zero maintenance done (except for oil changes and 1 battery and a few sets of tires). It still runs like the day I bought it at 110,000 miles. I am about to have a bunch of preventitive maintenance done (replace all belts, hoses, water pump, transmittion fluid, etc.) After 6 years, I am starting to get sic of it and am looking for an excuse to sell it, but it is such a great car, I cannot find a reason. It is not a 911 but it is sporty and fun to drive. I highly recommend it.

11th Apr 2006, 15:56

The 2000 Toyota Celica is indeed a lemon. I have had the same problems with oil consumption as listed above, and no it is not self induced. I have heard from several other Celica owners that they have had the same problem. After months of testing and battling back and forth with Toyota they finally agreed to replace the engine with a new one. Toyota was an utter disappointment to deal with. I doubt I would ever buy a Toyata again. Other problems included - MAF sensor failed, MAP sensor failed, Speedometer failed, Gas gauge failed, alternator failed, odometer failed and my engine light just went on again. The majority of these problems occurred at the 47,000 KM mark. You be the judge!

20th Jun 2006, 11:12

It's your valves and or lift bolts. If you don't catch it early, it will do that to your car.

The problem most of you people are having is because you wait too long to do something about it, and not even Toyota will admit what is wrong with it, because their mechanics are not very familar with the Celica.

You have to take your car to someone with Celica experience.

11th Jul 2006, 22:46

I bought a 2000 Celica GT used, that was rebuilt from a junk title in TX and I never had a problem. I put 35000 miles on it in 3 years (85000 miles total) and only had to replace tires and one ball joint. The engine and tranny were perfect. I replace oil every 4000-5000 miles, filters etc... Don't understand the problems you folks are having.

There were some recalls on this model (brake master cylinder and daytime running lights) but these were all covered by any Toyota dealership.

The Celica was finally destroyed in a flood in PA, but will probably be rebuilt again and sold to someone unaware it was a flood car...

23rd Jul 2006, 17:39

I own a 2000 Toyota Celica GT as well. I have had this car for less than 4 months, and the engine blew up within 7 weeks of having the car. I did some researching on the car when this happened, and got in touch with the previous owner. After speaking with him, he informed me that he put 4 motors into it for his son and was finally sick of replacing the engine every 15 months. When I get my car fixed, it will be the 5th engine in it.

This car has been nothing but problems, which I believe is very strange for a Toyota (my previous Toyota had 245000 miles on it and ran like a champ.)

Toyota needs to do something about these 2000 Celicas... there is something wrong with the car.

19th Feb 2008, 20:20

I love my GTS, even though it is automatic and slow as hell, I love the handling of it, and the engine is bulletproof. I never had problems with it at all, I even sank the engine thru water (hydrolocked), and it's still running strong.

It had never major work done to it, only basic oil changes. Overall I would buy another one; suck that, I'm craving a turbo car now.