2000 Toyota Celica GTS 6-Speed 1.8 Liter VVTL-i from North America


Toyota made a Front Wheel Drive Ferrari, with the maintenance and reliability to match


Numerous rattles and vibrations.

Wheels will not balance properly.

Variable Valve Lift failed twice.

Cargo Cover Rattles like crazy

Exhaust Buzzes at idle.

Sunroof rattles, is peeling and discolored.

General Comments:

This car is seriously fast. The performance is astounding, no complaints there.

If you drive this car at 100% it rewards you with easy and predictable track handling, amazing steering, impressive top-end power.

If you the drive the car at 25%, as in daily traffic, it is very difficult and stressful to drive smoothly. The clutch is very difficult to modulate, the shifter is very course and close together. I am a race driver, but find myself missing gears and stalling in traffic on a regular basis.

This Toyota seems to think it an Italian Exotic. It brutish and uncomfortable to drive in traffic, the build quality is questionable, but it SCREAMS when you push it hard. This Japanese wannabe exotic is good only for the enthusiast who plans to DRIVE this car. I don't recommend it for daily commute duty at all. The interior is very spartan, has TOO much plastic. The quality just isn't up to the expected Toyota Quality.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2004

2000 Toyota Celica from North America


A lemon from the beginning


The vehicle has had 4 belts replaced and continues to make noise. Noises heard from the first week of ownership.

The transmission had to be replaced at 60,000 miles, and was difficult to get them to stand by warranty.

Catalytic converter had to be replaced.

Engine will have to be replaced. Vehicle burned up all the oil twice on short trips. Dealership could find nothing wrong.

Months of problems and noises, and now do not know what to do except replace the engine and sell it.

General Comments:

I had thought Toyota had good reputation, but have been burned so badly by them. The car has had continuous problems, and don't know where to turn next with it. I just hope I can save someone else from making the same mistake.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2004

3rd Aug 2004, 19:25

I agree...I am currently in the oil consumption testing...It's failing it and Toyota as well as ECP aren't very helpful.

7th Aug 2004, 12:10

I agree. I'd to have a new short engine at 3 years and 26 days and 43000 miles. Oil starvation had caused excess wear on bores and big ends. The dealer was helpful and on my side, but Toyota were distressingly unhelpful. Surely there's a problem with this model.

2000 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L 4 cylinder from North America


More class than performance..


Seats have a strange discolouring when they get wet that is hard to get rid of.

Interior plastic is VERY easily scratched.

Engine is pretty loud.

Car is sluggish, with poor acceleration until the RPM's are screaming.

General Comments:

I found the car to be quite slow and unresponsive until you reach about 3-3.5Rpm. Even with a CAI, the car is still sluggish, and very difficult to find decent after market performance parts for. This vehicle is more about the looks and class than performance, I am currently trading it in for a Mitsubishi Eclipse because the Eclipse is certainly more of a performance oriented vehicle.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2003

2000 Toyota Celica GT 1.8 from North America


A really nice, fun car!


Zero problems.

General Comments:

I've had four other Celicas and, yes, this one is lighter and made a bit less expensively built. But it's the most fun so far! It's a pleasure to sit in, with everything so close and within easy reach. The seats are very comfortable, but I'm 55 and a very long trip is a little tough on my back. The 5-speed is a dream to shift, and the steering is nice and tight. The stereo sounds great, especially with the addition of a small amp and subwoofer box in the trunk. Everyone says the rear seats are a tad uncomfortable, but, hey, I sit up front!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003