2000 Toyota Celica Sport M 1.8 vvtl-i from UK and Ireland


Sporty, fast, stylish and reliable!


The engine warning light came on at about 75000km, and the engine was struggling, but was just in need of service.

Light bulb had to be changed.

Gasket cover on exhaust came loose, and made a terrible noise, but was a simple fix with a screwdriver.

Wear on drivers seat from having to fall into the car.

General Comments:

I love this car; there were only 1200 Sport M models made, so it feels unique and drives the same. I imported it from Japan with low mileage and a clean engine and interior.

The 200bhp as standard is N/A, but accelerates well until it hits 6500rpm when the vvtl-i kicks in like a mule. Would much prefer it to kick in lower; even 5000rpm would do, which I'm considering.

The car revs very high and because it's so low to the ground, has the TRD sports suspension and strengthened pillars; it feels like I'm driving a race car. The engine noise reduction was removed from the front of the car to lighten the added weight of the pillars, so it sounds beautifully loud and sporty.

If I was to complain about it, I'd probably say the seats can be uncomfortable over long journeys, and the Japanese put a mini-disc player into it, which annoys me because, it's a mini-disc player!

I wouldn't give my Celica up for the world. I've not been beaten on the roads yet; I'm not saying it's the fastest, but I've said goodbye to many a boy racer.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

15th Oct 2008, 03:41

I've driven one Sport M here in Malaysia and yes, it really delivers more power compared to normal 6 speeds. Too bad, its hard to get 1 in good condition.

2000 Toyota Celica GTS 1.8L from North America


For the money the GTS is one of the best cars I have owned


Had the Injectors cleaned and it now runs like new. Before, when the engine was cold, it didn't want to run very well without having to rev up the R P Ms. Cleaning and servicing the injectors solved the problem.

General Comments:

This GTS is great fun to drive and when you get up to or over 6000 RPMs, it kicks you into another world. Sounds like the engine is running awfully hard, but it is just getting started. What a blast. Not many safe places to try it out however. I am so very sorry Toyota chose not to continue the Celica. It is my second one and I would have a 3rd most likely. I will just continue to love the GTS I have. It's a terrific little sports car.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2008

2000 Toyota Celica GT 1.8L VVT-i from North America


It's a smokin hot sweet car!


My Celica hasn't had any major machanical problems. The most that I have had to do with it was get new brakes. I have chosen to do additional work on it. I added crank and alternator light weight pulleys, a header, cat back exhaust, short ram intake, and sway bars. It handles great and is pretty quick too. I don't understand when people say the GT-S is better; I have raced them and I beat them. And I haven't had any motor work done. The only thing I like better about the gt-s are the 4 wheel disc brakes. Otherwise, the only thing that needs to be taken care of is my passenger side headlight lens, as it has some condensation in it.

General Comments:

Celica is a great car, because if you take care of it then it will take care of you.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008

17th Feb 2008, 18:05

Nice man. So now your 0 to 60 time is what like 10 seconds?

7th Oct 2008, 22:19

Actually it's more like 14.5 seconds on a down hill.

18th Mar 2009, 01:24

Seriously? You all are raggin' on his GT? If it's got the exhaust he says it does, and the intake, then he's got more than enough torque to embarrass a stock GT-S off the line... The 1zz only has 5 ft. lbs less to start with. A modded GT-S will still kill it though.