2000 Toyota Celica VVT-I from North America


Brains, looks and short of speed!


My two head lights got foggy.

Master air flow sensor went out.

Interior is really delicate and scratches easy.

The hatch cylinders are shot and sometimes work when it's hot out.

Carpet gets ruined quickly when not using floor mats, I had to change all of my carpet out and replaced it with a new one.

When I have it on fifth gear and on the freeway, it stays on the 3000rpm mark and doesn't lower like other manual cars do.

General Comments:

It's fun to drive, and like everyone else is saying, it handles very well.

It starts going fast after 3000rpms.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2009

2000 Toyota Celica GT-S from North America


Not true to Toyota's reputation of reliablity


Check engine light on.

Replaced injectors.

Replaced computer.

Hesitation in the morning.

Poor engine performance.

General Comments:

Oh my God, in what situation I have put myself in, by buying the Toyota Celica. I have a Corolla from 1990, it's still running and the engines works great. I leave many new cars eating dust.

So I bought this Celica, and I'm having the same problem that everybody here is. The hesitations in the morning. The increase and decrease drastically of RPM. Really poor performance. Check engine light on constantly.

Went to fix the check engine light, and apparently there is a bulletin to fix the injectors and computer. I don't have that money! I'd rather sell it and buy another car. What a disappointment, because I love the car, it's fun to drive, and I thought it would be as good as my Corolla.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009

2000 Toyota Celica VVTLi 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Waste of money and trips to the garage


To start with it is a great looking car, but that’s about it. At:

- 60k full service £350

- 61k miles had to get new allow wheels as the old ones were all corroded, so £650

- Pulley and belt at 62k - £240

- 2 weeks later pulley adjusted again as it was making a squeaky noise

- 65k new air sensor 250k + labor,

- 68k new pulley and belt, so again £100 + £60belt + Toyota labor charges.. + VAT + VAT for the total + VAT after the VAT of the VAT.

- 70k engine overheating, local Toyota Garage found that the water pump wasn’t working so they charged me for a new pump, and then later on they said the radiator has a hole in it so it will need replacing = a wonderful £700.

- 75k of courses fan belt noise so new pulley + belt. Old ones not covered by warranty as I gave the old parts to the garage, and since I supplied the parts they cannot give warranty…… fair enough so another £120 + £60belt. I asked for the old parts they gave me half of the old pulley. When I asked where is the rest of the part they said they put it on my car …. WTF… so I paid £120 for half of my own part ….

- After 2 weeks fan belt noise, took it back to the garage, fixed it on warranty.

- One month after fan belt noise, took it back to the garage fixed it on warranty.

- Now again fan belt noise and I will need new brakes all around, estimated at 2k by the garage..…

- The leather seat will need to be refurbished as they started to wear badly.

General Comments:

The driver uses the car to get to work and back and shopping…. (drives about 10k a year) Although a sport car is not a racing car, so it has never been raced, therefore it has been driven decently and well looked after. I rarely get it into lift mode and never drive it for more than a few seconds at over 6000 revs, also because of the juice it takes. Economy wise not very good, although comparing to other sport cars in its category (190 bhp), it's quite economical.

Overall very disappointed with Toyota reliability and ESPECIALLY the garages, …..they are absolutely disgusting, rude and a rip off.

For its own sake it never stopped working as I would probably set it on fire at the side of the road. All I can do is to regret buying it, it cost £6.5k to purchase, about the same in repairs and the value has gone down by 50%.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2009

29th Dec 2009, 01:39

I agree with this review as I had similar issues on my Celica. This was not a very reliable Toyota, and I do not intend on owning one again unless they build another sports car with a comprehensive warranty.