1973 Toyota Corolla KE30 1.2L from Australia and New Zealand


Shoot it, and it will still work


My head gasket went at 54,000km.

First engine; the piston went though the side of the engine block.

Rust here and there. Worst on the hood.

Electronic system could be classed as a bit dodgy, loses connections everywhere.

The gearbox is only a four speed, so it is hell on the highway, and that means it has a top speed of 95 km/h, 100 if it is downhill and with a tailwind.

She is starting to spit black stuff out the back.

It is painted brown.

Dashboard is badly cracked.

No Rpm gauge.

Parts are getting harder and harder to find.

General Comments:

My head gasket went 30km from home. Still got me home with cylinder 4 flooded.

Yet again, still got me home up a 10% gradient with only three working cylinders.

The cooling system is unbelievable, never goes higher than lukewarm on the highway, even though it is at 4000RPM.

Real fun in the dirt, but the back end is very lively.

It is a two door coupe, but who needs to have more than one friend in one's car?

Will always start in any weather after a bit.

Even with the problems out numbering the good points, it still runs perfectly.

Two door coupes are rare in Australia.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2010

3rd Mar 2014, 02:35

The Corolla KE30 is a nice car and very economical. The Corolla KE30 is not a fast car, but driving a KE30 is fun. A good car as a first car for starters, and you will love it.

Tikiri, Sri Lanka.

1973 Toyota Corolla KE-20 1.3 petrol from Malaysia


Good for beginners and those who are interested in Japanese classics


Common to all cars that has been driven over these years and beaten by the weather, it rusts even after paint-job.

Radiator needs to be filled once a fortnight for less than 250ml.

All 4 steel rims have been badly dented, but still runs straight.

General Comments:

A damn bloody good car for anyone who needs a car to drive after receiving his/her license.

However, don't expect to get attention driving this car to college or University.

Full tank lasts about 2 weeks for city driving.

One helluva reliable car that will NEVER breakdown.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2004

13th Apr 2004, 20:17

How much is the car?

12th Apr 2005, 02:38

Toyota corolla KE 20.

Very good car. this has a very good demand in sri lanka.

It has a basic engine. repair cost is minimal.

Rohan p


27th May 2005, 13:44

My orange 1973 Toyota Corolla is now, but a happy memory, but it ran flawlessly for 160,000+ miles and then I gave it to my sister who piled another 30,000 miles on it... even through tough winters in Buffalo, New York. The rust was terminal, but it still ran strong and did not burn ANY oil!

When going around to junkyards looking for the best price, all the scrap guys offered me the same: $50. When I told the last guy that this car still ran strong and didn't burn any oil, he took the cigar out of his mouth and said: "Kid, these cars are ALL like that."

Every once in a while, that car rolls into my dreams and always makes me smile.