31st Oct 2005, 06:33

Unfortunately I can't match the poetic literature in the comment above.

But I can agree that it is a ruddy good car.

15th Nov 2005, 15:19

I bought my white KE20 in 2001 and I never dreamed about having so mutch driving pleasure like I have with this car.

I might spend all my money on him, but I will never buy another car!!!

It`s the car I always dreamed about.

Rogério from PORTUGAL.

13th May 2006, 01:05

Yes Fond times had in my 1974 orange KE20. It was my first car which lasted 7 years. All I ever changed was the starter motor and a timing cover seal. The engine oil was not even changed for the it's final 3 years. The thing was unstoppable. It had been off road and even all of the way across Australia!

These things are getting rare these days and I'd love to get another one.

15th May 2007, 04:42

I'm 18 and my first car white 1973 Toyota Corolla KE20 HOW LUCKY AM I. Id never give this up its such a pleasure to drive. Its been in my family for 34 years sat in a shed for most its early days and has done low mileage. I just hope my sub doesn't blow parts of him. So fuel efficient and have no problems with it its awesome. Yet its so hard to get parts where I am : (in NSW Australia. I try to keep him alive as long as posible :D. GO COROLLAS!!


27th Nov 2009, 04:15

Hell yeah, I so agree with PK.

My Corolla is the 1974 KE20, which has been on the road since 1974.

The car was passed down to me after my grandfather, who took wonderful care of it, passed away.

I'm only 17, and have spent nearly 800 Malaysian Ringgit on it, and it's a wonder to drive.

I love the roar of the engine, love the weight when I swerve through traffic, and yeah, with the engine only at 70% efficiency, I beat the 2009 Proton Saga in a uphill drag race.

I also want to add that the agility of this car at high speeds are amazing, often saving my life as I am able to change direction quickly.

God bless the Toyota Corolla KE20.