1990 Toyota Corolla 1.3 GL 1.3 12 valve from UK and Ireland


Find a nice one and you're on a winner!


Nothing so far!...only had it 3 weeks!

General Comments:

This is my 4th Corolla, I purchased it from a local auction. The car was a part exchange from the local Toyota dealer and I have bought quite a few from them in the past and all have been excellent!. The car is a 1.3 gl 3 door, 95000 miles with full dealer service history and was one owner from new.The other Corollas I have had can't compete with this one, it's like new!,faultless!

The car has been maintained to the letter and I can't see any reason for it breaking down in the future.

The car has had a small fortune spent on it recently, a genuine full toyota exhaust system battery, rsdiator, starter,new tyres etc etc..a. credit to its first owner.

It's a pleasure to drive and years ahead in the way it drives... I drove my neighbours 3 month old Megane today and couldn't wait to give back to him!!

All in all, if you can find a nice, rust free example that has been looked after like this you will not go wrong!,all you have to do is look after it and stick to the service schedule and it will go for ever. The best thing is the price...200 quid all in!!...motoring on the cheap doesn't come better than this!

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Review Date: 20th October, 2006

1990 Toyota Corolla GTi twin Cam 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A fast practical hatch back


Had to have the exhaust manifold gasket replaced.

New battery installed.

Key is broken in the ignition, but it starts and drives great.

General Comments:

This is an excellent pocket rocket.

The car is very economical also.

It pulls right up to 7500 rev's.

Faster than a mark one golf GTi.

Interior is not to everyone's taste, but it has an oil pressure gauge and a volt meter.

The seats and driving position is great, it also so has a lot of standard kit.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2006

1990 Toyota Corolla DX 1.6 from North America


I'll have it until one of us dies


Bought the car for US$250.00 from an old lady that never bother to check the engine oil. I spent $500.00 on an used engine (parts & labor). The body and the interior are in great shape. The paint is a bit faded, but that is to be expected from any car that is parked under the hot Florida sun for more than 16 years.

Since then the only major maintenance expenses have been the CV Joints and a Master Cylinder.

General Comments:

The A/C is ice cold and the fuel mileage is great!!!. Funny, when I first got it my neighbor made fun of it, when gas prices skyrocketed, he wanted to buy from me.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

1990 Toyota Corolla Twin Cam 1.6 4A-F from Indonesia


Attractive and affordable family sedan


When I filled the lower-octane fuel into this car instead of the higher-one, the engine was not so responsive and produced more noise and knocking than before.

The car was hit quite severely from the back and after that the car was not really stable to drive.

General Comments:

This car was one of the most economical and fun to drive cars at that time.

The engine was quite responsive as it used the latest cam technology (DOHC)in early 90s.

The model was quite attractive and I think is still not really outdated today.

The interior was very good and functional.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2006

30th Apr 2006, 16:01

I'm interested in your vehicle, but I would like for you to submit some photos and your asking price. also would like to know if its manual or automatic transmission. you can e-mail me at jaymoneymaker245@yahoo.com.

1990 Toyota Corolla 1.3 gasoline from Finland


Great little city car


After fifteen years and 425.000 km in the Nordic rainy and snowy roads, the car is beginning to suffer serious rusting problems, which will probably finish the economic life in the next 2-3 years.

Three years ago I changed the front fenders and radiator, last year the rear shock absorber holders had to be re-constructed, and this year we will have again minor welding to keep the car running again, all due rusting.

General Comments:

Using synthetic oils, and timely Toyota dealer maintenance (replacing the usual wear and tear parts), the car keeps running almost like new seemingly forever.

The tiny 1.3 liter 16-valve high rpm engine generates enough power and acceleration for city traffic and worked well enough even in a 800 km trip with full load.

Very economic to use and to maintain, very reliable.

The car is reasonably comfortable, but not made for long distance driving.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2005