1991 Toyota Corolla Seca 1.6L from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable, powerful, efficient bargain


General wear and tear:

Clutch went at 130,000kms.

General Comments:

This car is my first car, and it is brilliant for this purpose. This car is solid, reliable and fuel-efficient. The performance is incredible for a car with such a small engine and that uses so little petrol. The car has a very solid feel on the road and the storage space is massive.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2004

1991 Toyota Corolla GTi 16 1.6 twin cam from UK and Ireland


A reliable pocket rocket


Front wings rusted and were replaced.

Small leak from petrol fill pipe- easily fixed.

Seats fraying due to amount of use.

Dash lights have just failed.

Not much else at all.

General Comments:

Great reliability.

Once the revs are up and you keep them up, it really starts to go!!

Can easily be made to go faster with simple mods.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

1991 Toyota Corolla XL 1.3 from Poland




It's a sedan.

When I bought the car - I replaced timing-gear chain, and the fuel pomp because of leaking. I also bought the LPG (Gas) installation, cause I'm a student and I was searching the way to reduce the maintenance costs. It was a great idea - now it takes 7,3-7,9 l. of gas/100 km!

At 182820 km I bought 2 front tires (just to be sure).

At 184722 km clutch get broken and I had to replace it.

After 6,500 km nothing else seems to be a problem.

General Comments:

Earlier my family had Fiat Cinquecento 0,7 l. and now we have Peugeot 206. So I know these cars better. Comparing to them my sweet Corolla is a great, cheap and very comfortable car.

I'm worry about the rust - it seems to be a main problem. I suspect the car was never garaged.

My transmission is 4-speed manual, but it's a bad idea - this car needs 5-speed! Especially for me, I love long distances.

After installing LPG (Gas) I have lost few horse-power, now acceleration above 70 km/h. is a problem, and the maximum speed is lower. On the highway the Car will go 135-145 km/h., but I prefer 120 km/h. the trip is still economic and inside car is quite silently.

I will never sell this car. I love it, and I will never sell it. In the future, when everything will go OK. my kids will learn to drive on this "grandma" Toyota!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004

1991 Toyota Corolla from North America


A cheap no-frills commuter


Head Gasket at about 100,000 miles.

Major break in the fuel line at 110,000 miles.

Major rust on rear fenders, trunk (can't keep anything in it because it gets soaked whenever the roads are wet) and rocker panels at 120,000 miles. (pretty much expected in our climate where we have snow on the ground from Nov. to Apr.)

Driver's side window not aligned, makes whistle past 40 miles per hour.

Slow acceleration, barely can make it up to speed on a freeway entrance.

General Comments:

Good mileage. I purchased it with a blown head gasket for $500, sank a couple hundred dollars into parts and took a couple days to work on it and have got ~40,000 miles out of it so far. I just need something to get from point A to point B, this car is made to do just that. It handles pretty poorly, with lots of body roll, but what can you expect for a car that cost less than a set of nice rims.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2004

20th Aug 2009, 13:48

Bought this car with 130k miles and a bad starter for $500. Dropped a new starter in and it runs like a champ. I deliver pizza so it's all stop and go for me. Just hit 148k miles and still can't complain. The whistling after 40 mph on driver side is happening with mine as well, but can be temporarily fixed by pushing the window up while cranking it closed.