2002 Toyota Corolla Verso D-4D 2.0 turbo diesel from Portugal


Corolla Verso... another great work by Toyota


Till now, I had no problem with the car what so ever.

General Comments:

The car I'll be talking about is the Toyota Corolla Verso (Spacio in Japan).

It's D-4D motor, may not be the most powerful Diesel motor with 2.000cc, mas it sure is the most reliable.

With 90hp, it's performance is well tuned with the kind of car it is... a mini-van (in Portugal we call it "Mono-Volume").

Even though it's a family car by excelence, it has a very interesting handling, and one can have some amount of fun with it... Speccially in a curved Mountain Road with the binary (215Nm) waking up at 2.400rpm and full Hp at 4.000rpms.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2003

2002 Toyota Corolla Ascent 1.8 VVTI from Australia and New Zealand


Great sporty little hatch


Creaking noise comes from the door, rear number plate also vibrates against the car.

Lettering on rear came loose.

General Comments:

I've got the base model with air conditioning, metallic paint and tinted windows the only extras. This will set you back about 22000 dollars.

Great 4 speaker stereo, lots of bass front and rear.

The manual is very quick achieving 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 9 seconds flat.

On long trips we get about 6.3 litres per 100 kilometers, while in the city about 8.2 per 100 kilometers. And as the dealer recommended we only ran on premium unleaded.

As far as handling goes it's very stable, and you can push it quite a bit on the bends.

The standard 185 millimetre wide tyres are a bit skinny in my opinion, and I would seriously think about getting the wider alloys next time.

I found it to be a very comfortable driving position, with a good seat that is height adjustable.

Excellent leg and head room in rear.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2003

11th Aug 2004, 23:25

The tires are somewhat small indeed. I put 210/40 R 17s on my sedan and it feels/looks much better.

Toyota make excellent cars, and this is no exception!

11th Oct 2004, 00:22

Hey just letting you know I run my corolla on normal unleaded fuel and am getting about 7.5 - 7.9 max fuel consumption round town... and I don't drive too slow... I think premium isn't that good in 4 cylinder cars myself, the only time I have ever noticed is in my mates commodore...

2002 Toyota Corolla GLi 1.6 from Israel


Well built small family car


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, and I don't expect it to. The is one of the main reasons why I bought it!

General Comments:

My previous car's soft seats were causing lower back pains, and I looked for a car that would hold it's second hand value better than my previous Renault Megane Classic.

This is my first "Japanese" car. After reading previous reviews and speaking to friends who also bought this car, I chose the Turkish built saloon over the not so well built British built hatchback.

The build quality is very good, no squeaks or rattles, seats are firm, but comfortable, especially on long journeys. The sound system is very good, and the car has good sound insulation.

The car is very roomy in the front, with good leg and head room in the back.

The are some small niggles, such as lack of a courtesy light or a rear middle arm rest. No front fog lights and only one rear one.

The petrol consumption is a lot higher than the Megane, but knowing Toyota's reputation the car should prove more reliable, and hold it's retail value better.

The acceleration is adequate for this type of car, and the car cruises quietly at low revs.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2003

2002 Toyota Corolla T3 1.6 from UK and Ireland


An ill conceived attempt by Toyota to capture a youth market


Rear parcel shelf rattles.

Rear seats rattle and squeak.

Front seats rattle and squeak.

Loose rear view mirror.

Loose driver door trim.

Water leak above front passenger seat.

Windscreen wiper motors creaking.

General Comments:

At first glance the car appears to be a well designed practical 5 door medium sized hatch back.

However having lived with the vehicle for 4 months serious design and build quality faults are surfacing.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2003

5th May 2009, 03:45

I have had my T3 5 door since 2002. It was a demonstrator with just over 3k miles on the clock. I don't drive many miles per year because I am retired and live on a small island, and after 30k of light motoring over a six year period the gear box failed and I had to have a new one installed. Not cheap, but cheaper than buying a new car.

Now having had that done I am getting a weird noise coming from somewhere undetectable, appearing after some warm up time and when I press the accelerator. It sounds like a high rev noise, but isn't.

If you are paranoid about noises like me, then DON'T buy this car - or any other Toyota car for that matter. The post 2000 models are certainly not up to Toyota's past reputation in my opinion.