2014 Toyota Corolla 1.8 from North America


Now that Toyota is slipping, I'm unsure on what to purchase next


The very first problem I had was that the windshield wipers would not turn on in the middle of a rain storm two months, that's right two months, after the purchase of the car. Of course this was fixed under warranty, but I found out that there was actually a recall issued for the same problem due to a faulty switch.

The air bag light on the dash occasionally goes on & off.

The engine has a very rough idle at a complete stop, with the A/C on or off when in drive. If I put it in neutral or park, it's not as bad. The service department at the dealership is no help because they can't figure out why this happens.

Terrible wind noise coming from the passenger rear window was corrected after the weather stripping was replaced. The driver's front is now starting to do the same thing.

Now I have to take the car back for another problem that surfaced a week ago. The front brakes make a thumping noise after I release the pedal when going to accelerate.

General Comments:

Based on experience, reputation and a bold restyle, I bought this Toyota with confidence. Unfortunately I am now a firm believer that the company's craftsmanship and build quality have gone down the tubes. I never had these or barely any troubles with the past four Toyotas I owned before this one. My best ever was a 1999 Tercel.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2016

19th Jan 2016, 11:16

Honda, perhaps?

20th Jan 2016, 17:19

Ford Focus.

20th Jan 2016, 17:30

Hyundai has come a long way. They seem to have picked up where Toyota has left off.

2014 Toyota Corolla 1.8 from North America


An economy car, nothing more

General Comments:

It was a rental. It seemed a bit noisy, I was checking for open windows frequently on my 300 mile trip. It does have some nice features with the touch screen, but it certainly isn't the most comfortable economy car I've driven. It just needs something done about seat adjustments and legroom.

I expect some noise, but why does it sound like it needs a muffler from inside, with the windows up, while driving? I've driven two of these, and both sounded the same. As for handling, I didn't think it was too bad. A little wiry and easily pushed by the wind, but nothing terrible.

Overall, it felt mediocre. Automatic headlights would have been a nice touch, and since you've already put a touch screen and backup camera in it, why wouldn't you?!

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Review Date: 15th January, 2015

7th Oct 2016, 10:51

I drove the same car. I'm under the impression people think a base Toyota model should be something like a big luxurious Lexus.

Perhaps the name Toyota makes people think these cars are something out of ordinary, compared with the other brands. As a consequence, it appears people have high expectations which inevitably causes disappointment.

To me the Corolla seemed like a very decent car, not refined like a Jetta, but still decent power, smooth riding, comfortable seats and comfortable driving position. What else can we ask? Unless we are comparing it with a Lexus.

19th Nov 2016, 20:50

I own a 2015 Corolla sedan which is on the same platform. I can only write good things. People review the Corolla, but in the back of their mind they're comparing it with a super luxury car with high HP.

These are an A-B car that offers reliability, economy, robustness, cheap maintenance, cheap affordability etc. Don't forget that.

2014 Toyota Corolla S 1.8 from North America


Just another uncomfortable Corolla


After a week as my favorite rental car of the week, I wanted to leave a review of the car.

General Comments:

I had reserved a full size rental from National and I didn’t know a Corolla was a full sized car.

The seats are narrow and it’s a constant issue getting the seat belt buckled. Why they don’t make the latch end 3 inches longer so you can get the buckle in, I don’t know.

With a 35 MPH cross wind the car jumped around a bit, but not real bad. Handling for the car size was adequate. It got 31 MPG in the wind at 75 MPH.

The arm rests are too low to do any good. All interior parts are hard plastic, and after hours of sitting in the seat it became a chore. The seat was nicely cushioned and the reach to the steering wheel was OK.

Wind noise is high for the car. When not driving in terrible winds, I kept checking to see if the windows were rolled up and the doors were all closed as there is so much noise.

The radio was not real clear sounding. I had to turn up the volume as there is so much background noise in the car.

It did get 40 MPG at 60 MPH. and even 36 MPG at 75 MPH. 6 months ago I took the same trip with a Chevrolet Sonic and I would say the Corolla is better than the Sonic, but not as nice as any of the Malibu or Impala rental cars.

The Nissan Altima was much more comfortable car as well, had much better power and got the same fuel economy.

The Corolla didn’t have automatic head lights, only one 12V plug in and generally beyond decent fuel economy I didn’t see much positive in the car. I had a Corolla rental a couple of years ago, and the 2014 was a nicer car, but still nothing to brag about.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2014

28th May 2014, 16:20

Good review, but please keep something in mind. Even though the rental company may categorize this car as a full size family sedan, it actually is not. The Camry and the Avalon are. So when you compared the Corolla to the Altima, Malibu, and Impala, I'm not surprised that those vehicles were quieter and more comfortable, as they actually are full size sedans. The Corolla is in more direct competition with the Cruze and the Sentra. Same with the Chevrolet Sonic, that would be more directly competitive to the Yaris and not this Corolla.

No big deal though, just thought I'd toss my two cents in :)